Read alumna Glenis Redmond‘s new poem in the latest issue of Tongues of the Ocean, Words and Writing from the Islands.

Stomach Trouble

Congenital defect means
my first breath was snatched
by trouble’s hand.

It held me
before I felt
my mama’s embrace.

All five of her babies,
born before time:
I was a whole month shy,

a small mahogany fist of cries
straining against a world
I was not ready to enter.

At 4 lbs. 6 oz.,
I arrived with loss
at my center: umbilical hernia.

My insides
pushing out:
the disposition of  a poet…  [Keep Reading]

Glenis is the author of the poetry collection, Backbone (200, Underground Epics).  She also shares her poetry in live performances, some of which are available on her Youtube channel.

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