It’s that time of year again: we’ll be adding updates to the Alumni Bibliography (which currently lists 600+ alum publications!), so please email Patrick Donnelly at about any of your recent book publications.

Include, in this order please:

your full name,

the genre and year in which you graduated,

the name of your book,

the name of your publisher,

year of publication, and

specify poems, novel, short fiction, nonfiction, essays, translations, etc. (You may also include books such as anthologies that you have edited or co-edited.)

Again, please send updates to, and put ALUMNI BIBLIOGRAPHY in the subject line. If you know of publications by alumni who are not on the list, please encourage them to get in touch with Patrick, or send on what information you have.

The alumni bibliography (currently updated twice a year) is accessible from a link on the WWC MFA website:

If you are unsure whether your new publication is already included in the bibliography, please check it before sending me the information. If your book is “forthcoming” in more than six months, please hold the info until the book is out—solicitation requests are sent twice a year.


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