An interview with alumna Anna Clark (fiction, ’07) about the upcoming book, A Detroit Anthology, appears online in the Metro Times. Interviewer Lee DeVito writes,

Anna Clark wears many hats. A freelance writer living in Detroit, her work has appeared in The New RepublicAmerican Prospect and Salon, among others. She’s a writer-in-residence for the InsideOut Literary Arts Project, a gig that sees her teaching creative writing at Detroit high schools, and she’s also a board member of Write a House, a residency program that aims to fill three houses in a neighborhood north of Hamtramck with writers. She also edited A Detroit Anthology — a collection of stories from the likes of Jalopnik’s Aaron Foley, noted sociologist Thomas Sugrue, and MT’s very own Larry Gabriel to name a few — which will be released by Rust Belt Chic on May 12.

Metro Times: What were you looking for in the submissions for A Detroit Anthology?

Anna Clark: My role was to solicit a really diverse and thoughtful collection of submissions. I spanned the city, certainly trying to encourage people I was fans of to submit, but also really getting a very broad network — and indeed, a lot of really amazing submissions came through that way. After spending a little time looking through them and seeing a few gaps that I thought were important to fill, I went out and recruited some other pieces that I thought made a more complete book.

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