New poems by alumnus Brian Blanchfield (poetry, ’99) appear online in H_NGM_N:

Wheelwright & Smith

A wheelwright in the glen trains his young

son on the forge and the while cures his deer

meat at the spring. The water cold and swift

makes it last. Trains his son, that is,


to shape and cool the hitch. A hitch

is anything one carries from spring to hilltop

like a son, or is a hard bulb universal. There are both

meanings. A freight on wheels drags against the trail

but for the wheels. The trail can lead

over passes and dales full of dwellings

providence has had to ditch…

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By and By

At the end of the meadow riven

in the longest dream by the young lead

kicking the reeds with boots brazenly,

if we are to see his distance by then as a ray

extending still hours over years

we might admire the stage of it.

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