“Just Something Just There” by Adrian Blevins

A poem by Adrian Blevins (poetry, ‘02) appears in Roanoke Review:

I was wallowing along inadequately inside myself
just using caution on the highway like the good sign said

when a breakdown in the ambiance hurled it out there
that my pussy was the knob on a suitcase in an atrium

or a sack of potatoes or a teeny pile, perchance, of snow.
A set of cardboard boxes. A pip upon the ground.

A bonnet, a barrette, a little oval-shaped piece of soap …

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Download the Schedule for WWCMFA @ AWP

As always, WWCMFA will represent in DC!  Click on the link below to download a PDF of readings, panels and presentations by faculty and alums of our program.*

Drop us a note if we missed your event.  We’ll include it in the next update.

DON’T FORGET:  Our reception for faculty, alumni, and students will take place at the Morrison-Clark Inn, 1011 L Street NW, on February 10 from 9 pm until midnight.  (The Morrison-Clark Inn is a half block east of the AWP HQ hotel.)



*Visit the AWP website to find the listing of the MANY offsite events. AWP OFFSITE

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Why YOU Should Apply for the Beebe Fellowship

Applications for the 2017-18 Joan Beebe Graduate Teaching Fellowship close on February 1. The Fellowship is available to all alumni of the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College, including those who received the degree during the years the program was at Goddard College.  Information on how to apply is a this link: APPLYING FOR THE BEEBE


From Alain Park (fiction, 2013), current Beebe Fellow:

What I see as most valuable to me as a Beebe Fellow is how the Fellowship condenses a wide range of teaching experiences into a single academic year. The fellowship provides the opportunity to gain experience on so many levels: teaching entry- as well as advanced-level and cross-genre courses, and guiding the upperclass creative writing majors. It would take years at other institutions to gain access to those kinds of teaching opportunities. And creating these courses from the ground up is also incredibly valuable; with the academic freedom you enjoy, you can truly make them your own.

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“This Will Be The Last Time” by Ian Randall Wilson

A poem by Ian Randall Wilson (poetry, ‘02; fiction, ’16) appears in Topology Magazine:

This Will Be The Last Time

the cat lies on my lap while my father
is still alive. No use forgiving
rock for being rock or white clouds
always passing over or even
wind, its restless blow, but I can forgive
prayer and those bastard children

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“Your Questions, Answered” by Dilruba Ahmed

A poem by Dilruba Ahmed (poetry, ‘09) appears in Drunken Boat:

Your Questions, Answered

Rest at ease.  All of the answers
to any concerns you may have raised
have been quietly prepared in advance
for your convenience.  As for your final
question, nobody knows.  Rest assured
we’ve pursued every possible
possibility and yielded no returns.

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