“Because it’s Safe to Walk Here at Night” by Nancy Koerbel

A poem by alum Nancy Koerbel (poetry, ’92) appears in the Pittsburgh City Paper:

And because it’s mid-July, the dog and I walk long, late,
after the moon’s up and the heat settles, pretending
we’re invisible. Two kids in front of us are sharing a cigarette
and playing Pokémon Go. You can tell. They keep stopping,
starting, looking around. Their cigarette smells really good,
the way cigarettes did once, when smoking was young and delightful.

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“Printer’s Breath” by Ian Wilson

A poem by alum Ian Wilson (poetry, ’02, fiction, ’16) appears at Apricity Magazine:

A man looks at the moon
and sees a woman bathing
in the farthest window
at the end of the block.
Perhaps not bathing,
writing or writhing, weaving
maybe waving — his eyes are not that good.

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Three poem by Leslie Contreras Schwartz

Three poems by alum Leslie Contreras Schwartz  (poetry, ’11) appear in Split Lip Magazine:


After surgery, her body weighted against
a wooden chair, eyes mid-blink, her face
curtained by a dark mass of hair, Frida lets
out curls of smoke from the left hand’s cigarette.

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“Flower Hunters” by Lauren Groff

A story by faculty member Lauren Groff appears at the New Yorker:GROFF Lauren, writer - © BASSO CANNARSA/LUZ

It is Halloween; she’d almost forgotten.

At the corner, a man is putting sand and tea-light candles into white paper bags.

He will later return with a lighter, filling the dark neighborhood with a glowing grid for the trick-or-treaters.

She wonders if it’s not hazardous to allow small uncoördinated people with polyester hems near so many flames.

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“Late Sketch” by Jayne Benjulian

A poem by alum Jayne Benjulian (poetry, ’13) appears at the Cortland Review:

I drew in pencil since the sketch
required changes, as of mind, or bed
or garden (love in rows).

Late I learned which instruments
& in what order, to plant in stages

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