Friends of Writers Volunteers


 The following is a partial list of those who have donated their time and skills—and often out-of-pocket expenses—to Friends of Writers Projects, as Class Agents or Feast Hosts, Board members or Anthology Editors, Conference Directors or Gala Auctioneers.  If we’ve inadvertently left you off the list, please let us know.

Thanks also to the numerous additional faculty and alums who ran the auction, provided goods and services, and bid on the items.

And additional thanks for all who have supported the work of Friends of Writers with a monetary gift.

Abigail Wender

Alicia Jo Rabins

Alison Powell

Alissa Whelan

Allison Paige

Amy Grimm

Andrea Barrett

Angela Torres

Billy Lombardi

Bob Ayres

Brent Walth

Browning Porter

C. Dale Young

Cammy Thomas

Carlen Arnett

Cass Pursell

Cate Williamson

Catherine Barnett

Charles Baxter

Cheryl Baldi

Daniel Tobin

David Haynes

Debra Allbery

Ed Porter

Eleanor Wilner

Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr.

Ellen McCullough-Lovell

Ellen Bryant Voigt

Eric Johnson

Erin Stallcup

Faith Holsaert

Gabrielle Viethen

Gabby Calvocoressi

Geoff Kronik

Gregory Orr

Heather McHugh

Helen Fremont

Jamaal May

Jasmine Beach-Ferrara

Jason Githens

Jenny Johnson

Jeremy Bass

Joan Aleshire

John Skoyles

Judy French

Justin Bigos

Jynne Martin

Katie Runde

Kim Frank Kirk

Larry Bingham

Laura Van Prooyen

Lauren Yaffe

Leslie Blanco

Leslie Shipman

Lili Flanders

Louise Glück

Lucy Anderton

Maeve Kinkead

Marcia Pelletiere

Mari Coates

Maria Walsh

Martha Carlson Bradley

Martha Rhodes

Mary Jo Thompson

Matt Olzmann

Maudelle Driskell

Maurice Manning

Melissa Hotchkiss

Michael Collier

Molly Little

Nan Cuba

Nick Fox

Patrick Donnelly

Paul Jones

Paul Rankin

Paula Belnap

Peg Alford

Pete Turchi

Peter Klank

Peter Oresick

Pimone Triplett

Rachel Webster

Reed Turchi

Richard Russo

Robert Thomas

Robin Black

Rolf Yngve

Ross White

Ruth Anderson Barnett

Sally Molini

Sara Slaughter

Scott Challener

Scott Gould

Serene Taleb-Agha

Shannon Cain

Sonya Hess Chamberlain

Terry Ford

Vyvynne Loh

Willa Rabinovich

Katherine Barham


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