“Creation Myths” by Matthew Olzmann

A poem by alumnus Matthew Olzmann (poetry, ’09) appears at The Ampersand Review:


Realizing the possibility that my wife and I might never have children,

I write a brief note to that which does not exist


I’m glad I’ll never have to bail you out of jail.

I’ll never have to carry you into an emergency room.

I’ll never have to explain politics,

or what they’re thinking in Wisconsin, or Arizona,

or even next door where one man is shouting holes

into his children and you can almost hear the fear

inside their bodies. So many things are being broken.


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Thank You, Donors!

Friends of Writers thanks its many donors.  If you would like to support the work of Friends of Writers, please click on the blue donate on our homepage.

You can view the 2013 donor list HERE.

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Sarah Stone on Strategic Opacity

You can download the full lecture from the MFA STORE.

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Alan Shapiro to Receive the North Carolina Award

Faculty member Alan Shapiro will receive the 2014 North Carolina Award. This is the highest civilian honor the State of North Carolina can bestow. More information can be found online…

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“Grotesquerie” by RJ Gibson

A poem by alumnus RJ Gibson (poetry, ’11) appear at VerseDaily:

Mid-June: this sky a Schuyler sky,
scalloping off toward every horizon, a blue I lack
the name for, like a shirt

I admired with stays
instead of buttons. But on this spot what
had been a wild brown rabbit.

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