“Mercy” by Susan Okie (poetry, ’14)

Susan Okie (poetry, ’14)

A contest-winning poem by Susan Okie (poetry, ’14) appears in Hospital Drive:


And what about that winter night in Hartford
when a mother brought two kids
to the hospital, afraid she’d hurt them?
Something ticked her off, whatever the resident
said just made her madder:
Give me my kids I don’t need this
I can take care of them.

A nurse shoulders us

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“In the Fullness of Summer, We Plan For Winter” by Justin Gardiner (poetry, ’05)

A poem by Justin Gardiner (poetry, ’05) appears in The Collagist:

In the Fullness of Summer, We Plan For Winter

One-hundred-and-six in the shade today, too much
even for the full green of this canopy, as I make
my slow way up from the river,

clearing the trail, which is my caretaker’s lot.
“Some species of the desert,” a field guide I have
on the Southwest claims, “adapt to the intense heat

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“The Art of Suspension: The Poetry of Marianne Boruch” by Shari Wagner

photo by Will Dunlap

Poet Marianne Boruch appears as a special feature in Indiana Poet Laureate Shari Wagner’s Through the Sycamores:

The Art of Suspension: The Poetry of Marianne Boruch

There’s so much to admire in a Marianne Boruch poem–where to start? I love the surprising metaphors; the complexity of ideas; the enjambment of lines that leave me slightly off kilter and in suspense; the intimate relationship between sound, sense, and form.  Maybe what I love most is Marianne’s passion for the act of seeing, for surveying the world–up close, from a distance, or in the wings. She raises the camera, the binoculars or the stereopticon. In one poem she notes how her son peers at the “enormous eye” of a horse, and in another she adopts the perspective of a hundred-year-old cadaver, head wrapped in towels, who views her own dismemberment.  She ventures into the eagle-eyed perch of a virtual bombardier, one who hones in through the remote sensing device of a drone. In Marianne’s poems, the act of looking has many dimensions, including the ethical.

The importance of seeing is reinforced here by the poet’s original watercolors (artwork never before exhibited). . . . continue reading here.

Two Poems by Patrick Donnelly (poetry, ’03)

Two poems by Patrick Donnelly (poetry, ’03) appear in Waxwing:


The moon

We coupled like rabbits, me with hundreds,

hundreds with me, hundreds with hundreds

in those orgies on narrow beds at the baths.

Some nights their faces from the ‘80s rise —

Ken Ketwig

Stephen Simmons

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Reminder: Levis Post-Graduate Stipend Now Open for Submissions

Reminder: Levis Post-Graduate Stipend Now Open for Submissions

The Larry Levis Post-Graduate Stipend supports graduates of the MFA Program for Writers who are completing their first books. In 2017, two Levis Stipends will be awarded,  one for poetry and one for fiction.The amount of the stipend is determined by the income produced by the Levis Fund Endowment during the previous year.  In 2017 the award will be in the amount of $4,000. Judges will be announced with the winning manuscripts.

Details on how to submit are available on this link: Submissions to the Levis Stipend