“Laika” by Kerrin McCadden

The poem “Laika” by alumna Kerrin McCadden (poetry, ’14) appears at Verse Daily:

How do you tell your children it was never easy.
That the boards you planed to build their house

were contracts. The nails you dropped were pleas.
How do you tell them the bushes you planted

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Listen Up, Poetry Alums

levisThe deadline for the Levis approaches.

UPDATE:  Applications will now be accepted through Submittable.

The Larry Levis Stipend was established through the generosity of an anonymous donor and named for a beloved member of the MFA Program faculty. The award is given to support a graduate of the Warren Wilson College MFA Program for Writers who is completing his/her first book. The Levis Stipend alternates between awards for poetry and for fiction, and the 2015 award will be made to a poet. The annual stipend is determined by the income produced by the Levis Fund Endowment during the previous year. This year’s amount will be $4000.

Submissions are being accepted until October 15, 2014.  Details on the Projects and Scholarships page of the Friends of Writers website.

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“Rusty” by Ronald Alexander

The story “Rusty” by alumnus Ronald Alexander (fiction, ’13) appears at Shadowgraph:

Alexander_Headshot-200x300“Is it warm enough for you in here? Or are you young guys so used to sitting around in the nude that it doesn’t faze you? I stay bundled up these days like an old squaw woman and still get the shivers. I had a mouse in here yesterday, and even he was trembling it was so cold. Well, I can always turn up the heat if you need me to.”

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“Dreamheart” by Tony Hoagland

UnknownThe poem “Dreamheart” by faculty member Tony Hoagland appears as part of the Poetry Daily feature at Poems.com:

They took the old heart out of your chest
all blue and spoiled like a sick grapefruit

the way you removed your first wife from your life,
and put a strong young blonde one in her place.

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“Ithaca, Revised” by Geoffrey Kronik

images“Ithaca, Revised” by alumnus Geoffrey Kronik (fiction, ’12) appears at The Common:

“East, west, and south, hardwood forests upholster hills named for their compass points, while to the north shines Cayuga, one of the Finger Lakes’ eleven glacial furrows. This is Ithaca, where, as it was when I grew up here forty years ago, the nearest Interstate is still thirty miles away. The aesthetic of those miles is rolling, agricultural, and often hardscrabble, with pro-fracking and “for sale” signs equally likely to appear on roadside barns. To drive to Ithaca is a commitment to the scenic route, metaphorically and visually, because there is neither a fast lane nor an unattractive one.”

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