Full-Stay: Saturday July 1 – Saturday July 8

Short-Stay: Tuesday July 4 – July 8

Following are our options and prices:

– FULL-STAY (July 1-29): $794. Single room, all meals and receptions, facilities, events. (Commuter option does not include room: $470.) With AC $854.

– SHORT-STAY (July 4-29): $507. Single room, meals and reception, facilities, events.

The first meal will be dinner on July 1 for Full–Stay (dinner July 4 for Short-Stay) and the final meal will be breakfast on July 8.

So… what do these options include?

The SHORT-STAY CONFERENCE is the perfect option for alumni with limited time available but want to take advantage of Conference activities. Offerings include:

  • Classes and lectures. Alumni design their own classes and lectures. So put on your thinking cap and consider this: what was the class you always wanted to take? What was the lecture you always wanted to hear? Perhaps you’ll be the one to deliver it…
  • Ad hoc workshops. Short Stayers will receive a list of others who are interested in forming their own, brief workshops, along with contact information to facilitate the exchange of work beforehand.
  • Panels and caucuses. The alumni community has some of the smartest folks around—and in panels and caucuses, a subset of the group or the whole community can come together to discuss specific craft topics or issues of interest to alums.
  • Every evening, we meet to hear new work from alums.
  • Annual alumni meeting. Help us chart our direction for the next year as we look for new ways to connect with each other, support Friends of Writers, and serve each other and the Warren Wilson community.
  • We will have our usual silent auction with items you bring, from books to arts to crafts, whacky knick-knacks, vacation/retreat spots, and usually a faculty service or two.
  • Um, The Dance…

The FULL-STAY CONFERENCE is the whole enchilada. Simply put, you won’t find a better way to spend your week this summer. In addition to everything we offer during the Short-Stay Conference, you’ll get the following:

  • Fiction, poetry, and mixed workshops can help you steer your work from good to great. With an emphasis on supporting the writer’s intention, alumni provide the feedback that many people have been missing since they left the program.
  • Poetry Manuscript Review / Fiction Roundtable. These are designed to look at longer manuscripts or collections, be they works in progress or nearing completion. You’ll be in touch with your group and share your work with one another by the beginning of June. Please remember that Manuscript Review and Fiction Roundtable require serious commitment and generous feedback on longer works.
  • Opening night reception. Rekindle old friendships and kickstart new ones as we gear up for a week of writerly pursuits.


  • May 13: Deadline for scholarship requests.
  • MAY 20: Final day to register with deposit. All registrations after this date must pay in full at time of registration.
  • June 3: Registration closes for full and short-stay. Remaining balances due.
  • JUNE 10: Late balances (plus $100 late fee) for short- and full-stay participants payable only by credit card.
  • JUNE 12: Deposits forfeited if balance unpaid by June 1 (postmark) or June 10 (credit card).

An online processing fee of $15 will be added to online orders.



“The Conference will surprise you. But the only way to know that is to come. Each year is different, and that’s the beauty of the thing. A conference is not a residency without faculty and it’s not a reunion. It’s a small summer oasis filled with peers who will amaze and encourage you, with laughter, with as much or as little work as you’d like. But the very best part of the conferences is meeting Wallys who were in the program at different times over many years – creating a lovely confusion of dates and faces…So come. You’ll be happy. You’ll be surprised.”  –Nancy Koerbel

“I die a little bit inside every year that I can’t go.  I think I’ve been to [five or six] of them.  Each time it is a revelation, a tremendous gift of time to work and a community in which to celebrate that gift.  It maintains the very best of the residencies at Warren Wilson and jettisons all the rest.  It revitalizes and inspires every time.  I can’t remember a single moment at an alumni conference when I did not feel like the luckiest person on the planet.”  –Michael Jarmer





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