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A not-for profit 501(c)(3) organization, Friends of Writers was established in 1991 as an independent non-profit organization. In addition to providing scholarships to MFA students and fellowships to MFA grads, FOW also provides scholarships and financial support to an annual conference of alumni from the MFA for Writers at Warren Wilson College.

Friends of Writers has supported the production of five writing anthologies. The editors and all contributors to those volumes donated 100% of each book’s advance and royalties to Friends of Writers’ scholarship funds.

All donations to Friends of Writers flow directly into the scholarships and other support of the literary community.

Mission Statement

Friends of Writers enriches American poetry and fiction by cultivating new and vital literary voices.




Friends of Writers Board of Directors

Ellen Voigt* 1991 - 2019
Debra Allbery (Ex Officio)2010 –
Joan Aleshire, Founding Dir 1991 -
Martha Rhodes* 1991 - 2019
Daniel Tobin* 2005 - 2019
Eleanor Wilner* 2006 - 2019
Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr.*2010 - 2019
David Haynes 2010 - 2019
Abigail Wender* 2010 - 2019
Peter Klank 2011 - 2020
Maeve Kinkead 2011 - 2020
Geoff Kronik 2012 - 2018
Mary Jo Thompson 2012 - 2018
Carrie Mar 2014 - 2017
Ellen McCulloch-Lovell
2014 - 2017
Gabrielle Calvorocesci2016-2019
Emily Sinclair2016-2019
Sharon Gelman2017-2020
Dean Bakopoulos2017-2020
Larissa Vidal2017-2020
Catherine Brown
2012 - 2018Terms Completed
Rolf Yngve 2012 - 2018Terms Completed
Janet Crossen 2014 - 2017Term Completed
Maudelle Driskell 2008 - 2017Terms Completed
A.Van Jordan 2012 - 2015Term completed
Mike Puican 2012 - 2015Term completed
Cheryl Baldi 1995 - 2012 Terms completed
Melissa Hotchkiss 1999 - 2006 Terms completed
Michael Collier 2000 - 2006 Terms completed
Pete Turchi (Ex Officio)2002 - 2008 Terms completed
Catherine Barnett 2004 - 2010 Terms completed
Cammy Thomas 2005 - 2011 Terms completed
Nan Cuba 2005 - 2014 Terms completed
Shannon Cain 2006 - 2009 Term completed
Jasmine Beach-Ferrara 2006 - 2011 Terms completed
Judy French 2006 - 2009 Term completed
Jynne Martin 2007 - 2010 Term completed
Vyvyane Loh 2007 - 2013 Terms completed
C. Dale Young 2007 - 2010 Term completed
Peter Turchi 2008 - 2011 Term completed
*Executive Committee
  • The Board of Directors consists of 15-20 members, whose three-year terms are renewable.
  • The full Board meets twice yearly. Between Board meetings, committees and task forces meet in person or by phone, and project reports are circulated quarterly to keep all Board members apprised of progress in various areas.
  • FOW’s Officers consist of a President, Treasurer, Corporate Secretary, and a varying number of Vice Presidents.
  • FOW is committed to a strong presence on the Board of the alumni and faculty of programs our fundraising benefits, and to 100% active participation by all members.
  • Currently the Warren Wilson MFA Program Director holds an ex-officio appointment on the FOW Board, and, upon leaving that position, is eligible to serve for a subsequent regular term on the Board.
  • The Board is empowered to establish any internal or adjunct committees, task forces, or working groups it needs to carry out its activities. It currently has an Executive Committee (consisting of the corporation’s Officers), a Nominating Committee, and a Finance Committee.
  • As needed, the Board establishes non-voting advisory panels, whose members’ skills, experience and active participation in FOW projects further FOW’s mission.
  • A 2/3 vote of the Board is required to dissolve FOW. Upon dissolution, any and all residual assets will be paid to a charitable 501(c)(3) organization with a similar mission.
  • The complete version of FOW’s By-Laws are available upon request.

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