“Under Glass” by Karen Tucker (fiction, ’10)

A story by Karen Tucker (poetry, ’10) appears in Tin House:


Under Glass

The evening’s downpour still hadn’t ended, and by the time Viktor picked me up, the streets were abandoned except for a few lonesome figures tucked under awnings and into doorways. The boulevard gleamed under the streetlamps. Viktor’s mood must have been affected by the weather, because as he drove me to his apartment, his windshield wipers sloshing back and forth, the cheerful person I knew from the botany lectures we had attended had vanished. [… continue reading here.]

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“Chunnel Channel” by Jennifer Sperry Steinorth (poetry, ’15)

A poem by Jennifer Sperry Steinorth (poetry, ’15) appears in Poetry Northwest:

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“The Christmas Pyramid” by Robert Rorke (fiction, ’10)

A story by Robert Rorke (fiction, ’10) appears in Shadowgraph Quarterly:

The Christmas Pyramid

It was our first Christmas at the beach. We were headed out to Rockaway in The Black Beauty, Himself at the wheel. I knew how to drive the car and sometimes he let me. We started my driving lessons that spring, one Saturday morning when we were coming back from a nursery with new rose bushes in the trunk. [… continue reading here.]


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“Diaspora” by Faith S. Holsaert (poetry, ’82)

A poem by Faith S. Holsaert (poetry, ’82) appears in Potomac Review:

Our inheritance in the Diaspora is to live in this inexplicable space–Dionne Brand

if there was a curtain we didn’t notice
if there was something other than raspberries
among dusty leaves we didn’t see

we saw how the path wound up from the creek
we knew we had to carry
we knew the old man in the next town
we knew our coats smelled of pear
and our cat, we knew our cat

Maybe the portal was there all along
when we ate ramen and watched TV
not talking spent
after we had danced

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“In the parking lot in front of the Shell station” by Lesley Valdes (poetry, ’15)

A poem by Lesley Valdes (poetry ’15) appears in Innisfree Poetry Journal:

In the parking lot in front of the Shell station


In the parking lot in front of the Shell station,

a chair, a prie dieu


like the nuns used.


Mahogany—worth something

even if you didn’t pray—and the chair


inviting hips ampler than hers.

Made for whom?

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