Announcing the Summer 2017 Faculty

The MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College is delighted to announce the faculty for its summer 2017 semester:

Debra Allbery (Director)

Andrea Barrett

Robert Boswell

Karen Brennan

Liam Callanan

Christopher Castellani

Stephen Dobyns

Daisy Fried

Brooks Haxton

David Haynes

Jeremy Gavron

Rodney Jones

Sally Keith

James Longenbach

Maurice Manning

Heather McHugh

Ana Menéndez

Matthew Olzmann

Hanna Pylväinen

Robin Romm

Alan Shapiro

Dominic Smith

Debra Spark

Sarah Stone

Peter Turchi

Laura van den Berg

Ellen Bryant Voigt

C. Dale Young

Look for details in late June, here on the blog, about the public lectures and readings during the residency.

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2017 Guggenheim Fellowships Awarded to Jennifer Grotz, Marisa Silver, Samantha Hunt, and Victoria Chang

Congratulations to the following members of the Warren Wilson College MFA Program for Writers community on winning 2017 Guggenheim Fellowships:


Jennifer Grotz (poetry)


Marisa Silver (fiction; fiction, ’96)



Samantha Hunt (fiction, ’99)


Victoria Chang (poetry, ’05)

Read individual profiles and press releases here.


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“Elizabeth Bishop Injects Herself With Adrenaline For Ashma” by Susan Okie (poetry, ’14)

A poem by Susan Okie (poetry, ’14) appears in Cider Press Review:


Elizabeth Bishop Injects Herself With Adrenaline For Ashma

Eyes closed, I inhale, I imagine:
a fine needle in the arm opens your chest,
raises you to a high pitch,
sets you humming all night.
Saved from drowning, you float
on the surface, gulping breaths,
heart at a Scarlatti gallop–

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“Husband,” “On the Moon” & “My Broken Family” by Kerrin McCadden

A poem by Kerrin McCadden (poetry, ’14) appears in Horsethief:


I walk around saying husband,

though I have none. Some years,

I grow perennial husbands, and some

wild husbands, in clumps along the creek.


I live in husband territory, in the migratory

path of husbands. I think I heard an H of husbands

flying north, overhead. My god,

look at the size of that husband at the feeder.

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“Love’s Austere & Lonely Offices” by Susan Okie (poetry, ’14)


A poem by Susan Okie (poetry, ’14) appears in Beltway Poetry Quarterly:


Love’s Austere & Lonely Offices

after Robert Hayden

What do I know of the mornings you slept in,
the pain in your stomach our cue to keep
our voices low, tiptoe? Awake, asleep,
invisible behind the bedroom door.
If I stayed home, I might see you emerge
mid-morning, holding a mug you’d top
up with coffee when you’d swallowed half.
Shuffling in robe and slippers, reading the paper,
nerving up to go next door, crunch numbers
in the office behind your mother’s house.
Puzzling, part-time work: a factory’s
payroll, tax returns in March, the month
we knew your stomach would flare.
Only the odd names of certain workers lit
your interest: Carmelita Schwartz, you’d say,
that’s funny! Words—you kept them close,
doled out Spanish to me, one word at a time.
When I was sick, you wrote an earache
limerick. There once was a doctor named Wimmer
whose mother-in-law was a swimmer…
And songs. When you died, you were working on
a musical about Odysseus, the man who loved
home but couldn’t seem to get there.

. . . continue reading here.

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