“A Partial List of Things I Can’t Control” by Jill Klein (poetry, ’16)

A poem with audio by Jill Klein (poetry, ’16) appears in Tinderbox Poetry Journal.


A Partial List of Things I Can’t Control

The rain, which is inconsolable.


The day the morays go out to sea.


The lives of fish in February.


Carpenter bees who think it’s Spring.


Contempt with a side of sugar.


The swimming pool: when it opens, when the baby without a diaper—


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“Let You Fly” by Susan Okie (poetry, ’14)

A poem by Susan Okie (poetry, ’14) appears in Innisfree Poetry Journal:


Let You Fly

Panis angelicus, we sang,

Sister in her wimple and veil,

sweeping her arms in slow arcs,

shaping the Latin with full lips.

The soul a circle she drew

on the blackboard, grace the side

of the chalk shading it white,

sin the eraser, rubbing

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Quarterly Digest

Faculty News and Publications


Rodney Jones, Village Prodigies

♦ Faculty member Rodney Jones’ novel, Village Prodigies, is available now through Mariner Books.

Marianne Boruch, The Little Death of the Self: Nine Essays toward Poetry


The Little Death of the Self: Nine Essays toward Poetry, a collection of essays on poetry by Marianne Boruchis now available through University of Michigan Press.



Alumni News & Publications

Jenny Johnson, In Full Velvet


Jenny Johnson’s (poetry, ’11), debut collection of poems, In Full Velvet, is available now from Sarabande Books.


Nathan McClain, Scale

Scalethe debut collection from Nathan McClain (poetry, ’13), is available from Four Way Books.

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“The Beautiful Cages” and “Good Practice” by Rosalynde Vas Dias (poetry, ’06)

Two poems by Rosalynde Vas Dias (poetry, ’06) appear in Tinderbox Poetry Journal:

You have been Small Character too. Perhaps that’s the kernel of your deep sympathy. Lost in the woods and discovering all your cleverly laid bread crumbs eaten up by the even more clever birds. Who wrote those birds into my story? [. . . continue reading here.]

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“EBT Recipes” by Avra Elliott (fiction, ’15)

A poem with audio by Avra Elliott (fiction, ’15) appears in Tinderbox Poetry Journal:







EBT Recipes

Poverty can be sweet, overripe

plums with the bird bites cut out

or donuts made from two-for-one


canned biscuit dough fried in grease

leftover from the Jerusalem artichokes

we plucked from earth like oversized pupae—

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