New work by Warren Wilson faculty member Kevin McIlvoy appears in The Collagist: Online Literature from Dzanc Books.

When will we speak of Jesus?

So you’re The New Silence.       You’re going to like the job: the band kids, those kids are great, you’re going to love them       and how they love you no matter what, and the fans, you’re going to like them, and if all goes well they’re going to laugh at you –       it’s real cruel and real       connecting.           You’re going to like all of the really, really good nothing that comes with this job.  As the retiring Silence I’m glad to offer some thoughts.  It used to be that I didn’t manage transition, I was transition-averse, and at a time like this in which I’d lost the best job I ever had I would lose some reception, kind of like a TV set.       I’m just not that way anymore, I don’t lose reception, I’m on day and night, I’ve got volume.       It’s why I lost the job as The Silence – well, you know that.              The band director asked me to keep this email orientation short.  I said I would meet with you in person.  He said NOT.           I get that.      I get that.  I do.             (Continue reading…)

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