From faculty member Debra Spark’s residency lecture, “New Wave Fabulism”:

If one’s source of wonder as a child, or perhaps even as an adult, comes from childhood narratives, then there may be a way to combine those narratives into the fiction you’re writing now. If, like me, you aren’t drawn to such narratives, what is your source of wonder? Can you locate it? Not on a map, but haul it up out of your subconscious and incorporate its pleasures into your own fiction? I ask myself this sort of question and then get annoyed […] But why not? Why  not remember what it was that so charmed you about stories as a child and incorporate that delight into your fiction.

Debra is the author of The Pretty Girl: Novella and Stories (2012, Four Way Books).  You can purchase a recording of this lecture at the Warren Wilson MFA Program for Writers’ website.

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