Erin Stalcup (fiction, 2004):  Erin’s short story “Why Things Fall” appears in the latest issue of PANK Magazine.

Priscilla led Isaac by the hand outside, walked him to a tree, placed his back against the trunk. She pulled an apple from between her breasts and placed it on his head. She told him to stand perfectly still. Priscilla strode twenty paces away, turned, notched an arrow into her bow, pulled it back with muscular yet trim arms—at that point Isaac fell in love—and let it fly: the apple impaled, the arrow quivering in the bark. Isaac stepped from underneath, left the apple thrumming above. They both could imagine a crowd roaring…

The complete story, as well as an audio recording, is available at

Erin is currently a PhD candidate at the University of North Texas, where she’s finishing her first collection, Gravity & Other Stories, and starting a novel.

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