Warren Wilson faculty member Rick Barot’s new poem “The Wooden Overcoat” appears in the April 2012 issue of Poetry

The Wooden Overcoat

By Rick Barot

It turns out there’s a difference between a detail

and an image. If the dandelion on the sidewalk is

mere detail, the dandelion inked on a friend’s bicep

is an image because it moves when her body does,

even when a shirt covers the little thorny black sun

on a thin stalk. The same way that the bar code

on the back of another friend’s neck is just a detail,

until you hear that the row of numbers underneath

are the numbers his grandfather got on his arm

in a camp in Poland. Then it’s an image, something

activated in the reader’s senses beyond mere fact.

I know the difference doesn’t matter, except in poetry,  ….[Keep Reading]…

Rick is the author of the poetry collections Want (2008) and The Darker Fall (2002).

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