Warren Wilson faculty member Patrick Somerville was recently interviewed in Time Out Chicago:

Late last football season, with the Bears tanking and the Packers still undefeated, author Patrick Somerville was on a walk with his wife in their Edgewater neighborhood. The Green Bay native wore his Pack hat and, strapped to his chest, their newborn son. A passing motorist yelled, “Packers suck—you suck!”

“And I yelled back at him,” Somerville says. “I was like what the fuck am I doing, I have a baby here.”

This theme of modifying your behavior for family—and your family modifying your behavior—runs through his latest novel, This Bright River.

“Families are what we are, in one way, and they are what we don’t want to be, in another way,” says Somerville…“[Family] is where our lives are.”

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