Katie Runde (fiction, ’12): Katie’s new piece “Extra Lives” appears in the latest issue of the Foundling Review:

 I want to grow up moving from town to town.

I’ll always be the new girl, and the third grade teacher will spell my name wrong, “Chrissy” instead of “Christy,” and the eighth-grade guidance counselor will give me someone else’s schedule by accident, so I’ll have to go around and return all the books I got on the first day, except the Earth Science book Mrs. Meinhardt gave me since Mrs. Meinhardt happens to still be my teacher in my real schedule just like she was in the wrong one. I’ll lose one irreplaceable thing every time we pack and unpack again: my adjustable ruby-colored birth stone ring in Tallahassee, my cat Gonzo in Phoenix, the Eiffel Tower keychain my Aunt Susan brought back for me when we leave Spokane. I’ll ride in the middle seat of the U-Haul, the vinyl and soaked-in-smoke smell of the front seat making me sick. I’ll listen for the radio to turn to static and for the pop in my ears as the U-Haul struggles up the hills...[Keep Reading]…

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