We’re proud to announce VQR’s spring 2012 special issue on American Poetry, which in addition to faculty member C. Dale Young’s poems (posted earlier this week) includes work by Warren Wilson faculty Debra Allbery, David Baker, A. Van Jordan, Alan Shapiro and Pimone Triplett, as well as alumnae Victoria Chang and Meghan O’Rourke:

Debra AllberyVinton County, 1965

David BakerThe Anniversary and Five Odes on Absence;

Song of Sanity (essay)

Victoria ChangWe Are Monica (Acrostic)

A. Van JordanBlazing Saddles

Meghan O’RourkeAt Père Lachaise and For Apollinaire

Alan ShapiroGravity and In Winter

Pimone TriplettReal Estate and Census

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