Scott Challener (poetry, ’08): Scott’s poem “Leaving” was recently selected to be part of the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston’s “Words from the Walk” program. It was mounted on a glass plaque and installed on Boston’s Harborwalk, where it will remain on display until Spring 2013.


Dazzling, the whiteness of the harbor
the masts appearing
first in the sun-spray like needles

of ghostly metronomes: bodiless larghettos
in their own time emerging
a nocturne of hidden snows

that landscape the sea…
and if you sit long enough on a rock
late into the afternoon growing

cold under the awning
of a dream, staring, hearing them,
your mind may begin

to glide and you find you
are standing, beginning the walk
home, moving among open sounds.

The plaque also credits Grub Street, a Boston writing center directed by faculty member Christopher Castellani, for its role in selecting the poem.

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