Joanne Green (fiction, ’93): Joanne’s new book Peach is coming soon from Gemma Open Door.

Everyone has a prom story – the culmination of the vibrant and painful years of high school.

Throw in the sexual revolution, a stuttering cousin for a date, and a parking valet dressed like Abraham Lincoln, and looking cool is an impossible dream. Edith, the fierce and vibrant narrator, tries to leave nuns snapping prom pictures and her painful past behind, and find a way to be both the free spirit her friends require and to be herself.
You can also check out Joanne’s blog, including:
S**t Peach Says

“Everything my mother says would look good printed on a dishtowel.”
“We have a big fight about wearing a bra.  My mother is the Jean Paul Sartre of underwear.”
“Albert Camus wouldn’t laugh at an exploited worker with underwear caught in his ass crack, I know it. “
“All the guys look like Easter eggs.  All the chicks look like toaster dolls. “
“The bathrooms are labeled ‘Abes’ and ‘Babes.’”
“He can do it for one hour forty-five.  Which is really beautiful, but pretty uncomfortable.”

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