Faculty member Mary Szybist’s poem “Conversion Figure” is today’s featured poem at Poetry Daily.


I spent a long time falling
toward your slender, tremulous face—

a long time slipping through stars
as they shattered, through sticky clouds
with no confetti in them.

I fell toward earth’s stony colors
until they brightened, until I could see
the green and white stripes of party umbrellas
propped on your daisied lawn.

From above, you looked small
as an afterthought, something lightly brushed in.
Beside you, blush-pink plates
served up their pillowy cupcakes, and your rosy hems
swirled round your dark head—   …[Keep Reading]…

Mary is the author of Incarnadine: Poems (2013, Graywolf Press).  Szybist cover

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