Schedule of Events

Saturday, March 9

S113.  The Poetics of Play
Alumna Catherine Barnett
with D. Nurkse, Deborah Landau, Saskia Hamilton, and James Hall
Room 111, Plaza level


S138.  The Lake Effect: A Celebration of Fifty Years of Creative Writing at Syracuse
Faculty member Brooks Haxton
with Sarah Harwell, George Saunders, Arthur Flowers, and Christopher Kennedy
Room 200, level 2

S140.  Against Veils: A Tribute to Alan Dugan
Previous Director John Skoyles
with Michael Morse, Marie Howe, Suzanne Wise, and Adrienne Su
Room 202, level 2

S141.  From a Survivor:  Looking at the Work of Adrienne Rich
Faculty member Gabrielle Calvocoressi
with Beatrix Gates and Alicia Ostriker
Room 203, level 2


S162.  Courting the Love Poem: Challenges of Sincerity and Sentimentality
Alumnus Nate Pritts
with Aliyse Knorr, Timothy Liu, Joe Hall, and Beth Ann Fennelly
Room 110, Plaza level

S167.  Small Presses Win Big: Publishers Sound Off on their National Book Award Winners and Finalists
Faculty member and alumna Martha Rhodes
with Parneshia Jones, Fiona McCrae, Bruce McPherson, and Emily Louise Smith
Room 203, level 2

S171. Writing to Change the World: Social Justince and Youth Writing Programs
Alumna Glenis Redmond
with Janet Hurley, Tamiko Ambrose Murray, Christina Shea, and Terry Blackhawk
Room 208, level 2

S174.  Write Where You Know:  When Setting Serves as a Main Character in a Novel
Faculty member Richard Russo
with John Roche, Jennifer Haigh, and Thomas Kelly
Room 302/304, level 3


S191.  Message in a Bottle: Poetry of the Sacred and Profane
Faculty member Tony Hoagland and alumnus Jamaal May
with Michael Broek, Nicole Cooley, and Timothy Liu
Room 200, level 2


3:00- 4:15
S212.  Moore for Writers:  Frontier, Form, and the Case of Marianne Moore
Faculty member David Baker
with Linda Gregerson, Stanley Plumly, and Ann Townsend
Room 104, plaza level

S213.  Teaching Novel Writing Across Student Populations
Faculty member Christopher Castellani
with Lisa Borders, John Vanderslice, Mako Yoshikawa, and RJ Taylor
Room 105, Plaza level

S214.  Troubling Ideas: The Renewal of Argumentative Fiction
Faculty member Caitlin Horrocks
with Jess Row, Marlon James, Amitava Kumar, and Helen Benedict
Room 107, Plaza level

BF39.  Kundiman: 10-Year Celebration of Lovesongs, Verses, and Books
Alumnus Matthew Olzmann
with Joseph O. Legaspi, Cathy Linh Che, Brynn Saito, and Sharon Suzuke-Martinez
Alice Hoffman Bookfair Stage, Exhibit Hall D, Level 2


S244. Levity and Gravity
Alumna Hannah Fries
with Afaa M. Weaver, Alberto Rios, Katrina Vandenberg, and Alison Hawthorne Deming
Room 110, Plaza level

S257. Love Thy Neighbors: How Secondary Characters Can Save Your Work
Faculty member Steven Schwartz and alumni Robin Black and Edward Porter
 with Cynthia Reeves
Room 303, Level 3


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