FRIDAY, February 28

9:00 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. 

F108. Coming of Age Tales in Fiction and Nonfiction

(Adam O’Connor Rodriguez, D’Arcy Fallon, Lynne Sharon Schwartz, James Bernard Frost, Scott Nadelson [2011])

Willow Room, Sheraton Seattle, 2nd Floor

Oregon small press Hawthorne Books presents four authors reading from their respective coming of age novels and memoirs and discussing the ways in which fiction and nonfiction tackle this always-relevant narrative arc differently. Their books, set on both coasts, represent a variety of approaches to the universal journey from innocence to wisdom, from conventional retrospective to collage to hybrid graphic novel.

F146. Return to the Future: Reinventing the Book.

(Mary-Sherman Willis [2005],  Katherine McNamara,  Susan Taylor Chehak,  Kate Young,  Brenna Humphreys)

Room 604, Washington State Convention Center, Level 6

In the chaos of new e-book tablet and e-reader technology, unprecedented opportunities exist for literary publishers and their authors looking for innovative ways to publish and distribute their books. New forms like transmedia storytelling and multi-platform publishing push the limits of what a book can be and how it is sold. A panel of indie publishers and authors describe why they chose to publish this way, how they got started, their challenges and successes, and their works-in-progress.

F155. Grove/Atlantic Literary Salon.

(Dani Shapiro, Josh Weil, Patricia Engel, Margaret Wrinkle, Pablo Medina)

Room 618/619/620, Washington State Convention Center, Level 6

Founded in 1917, Grove/Atlantic is one of the last remaining major independent publishers in America. Dedicated to publishing books of artistic merit and integrity and known for taking risks, Grove/Atlantic presents five award-winning authors reading from their most recent and yet-to-be-published books. 

12:00 p.m. to 1:15 p.m.

F169. Ergo Sum Game: Poetry as Philosophical Foray

(Michael Morse, Catherine Barnett [2002], Mary Szybist, Kevin Prufer, Joy Katz)

Room 2A, Washington State Convention Center, Level 2

Five poets, each of whose poetry is informed by philosophical or critical inquiry, take on a topic that informs their thinking, their feeling, and their work. Each poet will present an essence (Ambivalence, Apology, Oblivion, Reverence, and Sentimentality) and discuss its presence in critical or philosophical thinking, in the work of an influential (and influencing) poet, and in her or his own poems. Join us as we explore how a bewitched intelligence works within and towards poetry.

F197. A Tribute to Sherman Alexie.

(Erin Stalcup [2004], Laura Da’, Bojan Louis, Santee Frazier, Tanaya Winder)

Room 304, Western New England MFA Annex, Level 3

As we gather in Seattle, this panel celebrates one of the most influential writers from the northwest region: Sherman Alexie. This group of poets, fiction, nonfiction writers, and teachers—who are Diné, Shawnee, Cherokee, Duckwater Shoshone, and nonindigenous—will discuss the ways Alexie’s short stories, novels, poetry, films, and nonfiction have influenced their own work, as well as how Alexie’s range and fame have influenced editors, agents, readers, and the field of American Literature.

1:30 p.m. to 2:45 p.m.

204. RHINO: 37 Years of Charging Forward.

(Ralph Hamilton,  Virginia Bell,  Jacob Saenz,  Angela Narciso Torres [2009],  Jan Bottiglieri)

Room 2B, Washington State Convention Center, Level 2

Eclectic, edgy, and fiercely independent, RHINO boasts a vibrant community of readers, writers, and donors, plus a table of volunteer editors who’ve developed a unique collaborative process that works. From its roots as a writers’ group forum, RHINO has grown into a nationally-known print journal with a strong online presence. Our lively panel of editors will share what we’ve learned and how we do it, with frank discussion of the sometimes risky steps we’ve taken to showcase the work we love. 

F207Plotting the Realist Novel

(Leah Stewart, Marjorie Celona, Brock Clarke, Lan Samantha Chang, Amanda Eyre Ward)

Room 400, Washington State Convention Center, Level 4

What are the mechanics of plot in the realist novel, and what do they have in common with those of other genres? How do you decide what kind of story you’re writing? What should happen around page 100? How do you create urgency and momentum? What’s the relationship between plot and structure? Participants describe how they’ve turned a character sketch into a plot, how to use mystery to drive a narrative, what’s necessary for a compelling first page, and other plotting tips and techniques.

F214. Wayward: An Examination of the Modern Flaneur

(Matthew Batt, David Shields, Robin Hemley, Vanessa Veselka, Amy Leach)

Room 602/603, Washington State Convention Center, Level 6

Walter Benjamin suggests “empathy is the nature of the intoxication to which the flaneur abandons himself in the crowd.” Part of the seduction of the concept is that it’s a chance to physically interact with a living text, but it’s also a concept freighted with the baggage of European male privilege. Panelists will address and contest the intellectual as well as physical ways of the modern flaneur, covering city streets and wilderness paths, national highways and international flight patterns.

F227. Narrative and Other So-Called Lapsed and Retrograde Forms of Lyric Expression: A Post-Mortem

(Lynn Emanuel, Amy Gerstler, Lisa Lewis, Adrian Blevins [2002])

Room 101, Western New England MFA Annex, Level 1

In Cooling Time, C.D. Wright says, “Exceptional intellection is being exercised to decry narrative. I am not learning much from that line of refutation.” This panel of diverse poets will interrogate narrative, “confessional,” and coherent syntactical moves in their own work and in American poetry today. Has narrative really gone by way of the chastity belt? The risks of too much story and coherence are well-known. What are the risks of too little?

4:30—5:45 p.m.

F282. Beg, Borrow, Steal: Twenty-five Best Teaching Practices from Teachers Who Write for Writers Who Teach

(Caroline M. Mar [2013], Xochiquetzal Candelaria, Nick Vagnoni, Denise Delgado [2010] Kimberly Jean Smith [2012])

Room 604, Washington State Convention Center, Level 6

Effective teaching requires training, yet few writing programs include a pedagogical focus. This interactive workshop demonstrates methods begged, borrowed, and stolen from successful classes. We’ll model best practices for developing: student engagement; classroom community; thoughtful craft discussions; dynamic, even fearless writing; useful peer workshops; and meaningful revision for every teaching level and institutional context––things you can use in your next class.

F297. Tribute to Margarita Donnelly and Calyx, One of the Nation’s Oldest Feminist Presses

(Elizabeth Woody, Marianne Villanueva, Angela Narciso Torres [2009], Margarita Donnelly, Frances P Adler)

Room 302, Western New England MFA Annex, Level 3

This Tribute event honors Margarita Donnelly for her thirty-six years as Director and Managing Editor of Calyx, the first feminist press on the West Coast. Calyx Journal, begun in Corvallis, Oregon in 1976, and Calyx Books in 1986, are known for discovering women writers early in their careers and opening the eyes of mainstream publishers. Four prominent writers, published early on by Calyx, celebrate one of publishing’s literary treasures and consider the continued importance of Calyx today.

7:00 p.m.—8:15 p.m.

F310A. Salmon Poetry: A Reception and Reading to Celebrate our Spring Poetry CollectionsOur Spring Poetry Collections

Kirkland Room, Sheraton Seattle, 3rd Floor

Featuring Raina Leone, Cameron Conaway, Stephen Powers, Philip Fried, Jean Kavanagh, Kelly Moffit, Lex Runciman, John Menaghan, John Fitzgerald, Kevin Higgins, Jo Slade, Ed Madden, Joseph P. Woods, Jo Pitkin, Mary Pinard, Dan Moran, Robert McDowell, Alan Jude Moore, Jacqueline Kolosov-Wenthe, and Laura-Grey Street [1997].

Friday, 9:00 till midnight


The Loft, Westin Seattle                                                                 1900 5th Avenue

Join Warren Wilson faculty, alumni and students for our annual AWP reunion!  Light refreshments, and a cash bar.

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