There has been some confusion about conference payment deadlines and after looking at the website I see the source and apologize for a jumble of a set-up. Today, May 3, is the deadline FOR PAYING WITH A *DEPOSIT* without incurring a late fee on ON SAID DEPOSIT. And there’s been some confusion around the deposit, too, which I will also own: paying with a $250 deposit has been offered historically as a way to spread out your expenses — pay a deposit first, and then have time before paying the balance later. It is not a deposit required to secure a slot!!! 
Given the confusion, forget any late fee on the deposit.
THE DEADLINE FOR PAYMENT FOR THE CONFERENCE (without incurring a late fee on the overall cost of the conference) IS MAY 17, whether electronically or post-marked snail mail. THE FINAL DEADLINE to secure a slot is MAY 31!!!
Please come! Please e-mail me with any questions or concerns, any time.
Peter Klank

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