While the pre-late fee deadline has now passed, it has become abundantly clear that as our electronic communications have been evolving many alumni have missed some of the notices and some of the links. Accordingly, the Alumni Conference Committee is waving the late-registration fee. We still have several slots.

We have opportunities for Fiction and Poetry Workshops, Manuscript Review and Fiction Roundtable Groups for ms-length works seeking new eyes; we will have classes, caucuses, and panels (on James Salter; Sylvia Townsend Warner; Poetic Closure; Metaphor; Poem as Painting, Painting as Poem…more descriptions on their way) Can you even believe it?

Writing time, down time, hanging out with other Wallies time, breaking bread together, dancing.

If you’ve never been, we can all but guarantee that before the end of the first evening of readings you will have decided that you’re going to come back again. And again.

Please feel free to contact Peter Klank with any questions, but know that the absolute deadline is May 31 as we will need to give our host community numbers (and hearing even sooner will be much appreciated).

For contact information and registration links:


See you soon.

Peter KlankFiction ’85

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