Apply now for the Post-Graduate Semester!

PGL-R: Post-graduate student Lara Tupper (fiction, 2001)
with current students Margaret Draft, Emilie Beck, and Sarah Halper

“I became braver and more honest, packet by packet. Guided by my supervisor, I walked through doors I’d previously avoided in my memoir draft. My post-graduate term reinvigorated my need for writing community and my appreciation for the Program as a whole.”

Lara Tupper, post-graduate student in nonfiction
January-June 2014 semester

Graduates of the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College now have an opportunity to return for a supervised semester toward a project in poetry, fiction, or nonfiction. 

Applicants must have received the MFA degree at least one year prior to application. Appropriate projects might include the completion of a book-length manuscript, new work that represents a radical departure in one’s prior aesthetic, the undertaking of a new form, or the exploration of another genre (poetry, fiction, or non-fiction).

Candidates should apply by September 15 for the January semester, or March 15 for the July semester. The application should be submitted through the Submittable link on our website at and will require:

  • application form
  • a processing fee of $75
  • a writing sample (10 pages of poetry, or 25 pages of prose, in the proposed genre);
  • a personal essay describing the project, its goals and challenges, as well as how the student hopes to use faculty resources to address them in the creative and analytical work;
  • a short analytical essay (now familiar to the applicant as an “annotation”) focusing on an issue of craft pertinent to his/her own work;
  • one recommendation from a former Program supervisor.

No transcript is necessary.  Applications will be reviewed by the Director and the faculty members of the Admissions Team for the relevant semester.  Full information is available at

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