An interview with alum Peggy Shinner (fiction, ’94) appears at Hypertext Magazine:

After reading Peggy Shinner’s You Feel So Mortal: Essays On The Body, my brain felt like it had been tipped upside down, emptied out, and filled back up again (in a good way). These essays made me look at what it means to be a woman (and a person) in new and startling ways. I envied her gorgeous use of language, her ability to challenge long-held beliefs, and to consistently balance on that tight wire between discovery and realization.

Shinner never failed to dissect messy subjects (including but not limited to women’s bodies, Leopold and Loeb, nose jobs, shoplifting, taxes, death, and Jewish feet), to dig around, to find the essay’s truth.

(An excerpt from You Feel So Mortal: Essays On The Body can also be found on Hypertext)

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