We are pleased to announce that the 2016 Alumni Conference is slated to be held June 22 through June 28 at our home campus in beautiful Swannanoa, where we’ll be joining Program students, faculty, and friends on the evening of the 28th for the Program’s 40th Anniversary Gala. Otherwise we’ll be gathering for our usual fare: fiction, poetry, and mixed workshops, manuscript reviews and roundtables for detailed consideration of longer works, classes, panels, caucuses and, of course, the best reading series (and the best audience) you’ll ever have. Not to mention the hiking trails, Snake Lake, Asheville scene, unbelievable dinner companions, gatherings formal and informal, and Dancing. Oh yeah, and writing time. And writers, every one of us.


Those of you who have never attended a conference before have probably already heard it: Come, you’ll be welcomed! Lots of recent grads have come in the last few years, and by the end of the week you might not easily remember which friends (and readers) you met at the Program and which here, which years ago and which last Wednesday.


Information on fees and available scholarships will be forthcoming.




“A conference is not a residency without faculty and it’s not a reunion. It’s a small summer oasis filled with peers who will amaze and encourage you, with laughter, with as much or as little work as you’d like. But the very best part of the conferences is meeting Wallys who were in the program at different times over many years – creating a lovely confusion of dates and faces…So come. You’ll be happy. You’ll be surprised.”  –Nancy Koerbel


“Each [conference] is a revelation, a tremendous gift of time to work and a community in which to celebrate that gift.  It maintains the very best of the residencies at Warren Wilson and jettisons all the rest.  It revitalizes and inspires every time.  I can’t remember a single moment at an alumni conference when I did not feel like the luckiest person on the planet.”  –Michael Jarmer



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