Alumna Diane Arief (fiction, ’06) shared with Friends of Writers this remembrance of fellow alumna Dana Humbler Hinrichs (fiction, ’00):
I learned some sad news about an old friend who is an alumnus of the MFA program. Dana Huebler Hinrichs died last week after a long battle with lymphoma. For many years, Dana was in my writing group in Los Angeles and was one of the friends who recommended the Warren Wilson program to me. Eventually she left LA and moved to Woods Hole, MA, where she met her future husband, Kai who was working as a scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. They moved to his native Germany and settled in Bremen to raise their family. Dana was a generous, gentle friend and a gifted writer.
Dana is survived by her husband, Kai, and her three children Lila, Marko and Zoe.  
Here’s a link to “Our Two Babies,” an essay of Dana’s published in 2013:

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