“Tell Me a Story About Lions,” a story by Abby Horowitz (fiction, ’15) is Runner Up for The Black Warrior Review’s 2016 Fiction Contest.

Congratulations, Abby!


Tell Me A Story About Lions

by Abby Horowitz


That as my body spilled out of itself, the boy was born, that he should have surfaced from the river of blood that poured out of me. A miracle, Lazar assured me. A miracle, that the boy survived.


Lazar slapping the steering wheel in delight as we finally left the hospital. A family of three! he said, Now and forever.

In the back, lying in the footwell beneath the boy’s car seat, was the fourth passenger, seen only to me—her ginger fur lighting up the car’s dark interior, the black tip of her tail pressed against the door handle, already searching for a way we might escape.  . . . continue reading here.

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