Part one of a story by Ian Randall Wilson (poetry, ’02; fiction, ’16) appears in Hollywood Dimentia:


Mishaps, Part One

by Ian Randall Wilson

He made his career at the movie studio. But not his life. Illustration by Thomas Warming.

The first time it was the sign along the wall of the Studio lot. Someone had pulled off the two small “e”s leaving “Ent rtainm nt”. Was it a dig at the kinds of films the Studio produced? Maybe it wasn’t even vandalism, just some yokel who had shown up and, after the decidedly inferior Studio tour compared to Universal or the fabulous back lot at Warners, concluded that a souvenir was required. They could go back to Paduca or Clover or Groversville, hold up the purloined letters and say, “Look what I got me,” basking in praise from their friends. [. . . continue reading Part One here]


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