“The Blues In My Heart, The Rhythm In My Soul” by Cammy Thomas (poetry, ’99)

A poem by Cammy Thomas (poetry, ’99) appears in The Missouri Review:


The Blues in My Heart, the Rhythm in My Soul

—for SMM

She asked for my Elmore James album—
the only time she asked me for anything
in the eight years she cooked
and cleaned and washed our hair,
picked us up from school
and helped us bathe and choose our clothes.

. . . for the poet’s contextual note, and the rest of the poem, continue reading here.

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“After the Removal of 30 Types of Plants and Animals From The Junior Dictionary” by Rose McLarney (poetry, ’10)

A poem by Rose McLarney (poetry, ’10) appears in Kenyon Review:



Almond no more. Blackberry blanked out. Cheetah cast off.
But if no acorn, because the young will use language for nature less,

by that logic, no arousal, brief surge of blood that cannot continue
but lets lives be conceived. If no bluebell because flowers are fleeting,


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An Interview with Monica Youn

An interview with Monica Youn appears in DiveDapper:


“All our pleasures seem kind of suspect these days”

Monica Youn

Interviewed by Kaveh Akbar

I just read something the other day that said for the past month the record highs across America have been a ratio of 116 record highs for every record low.

Yeah, I’ve been watching the trees bud and the daffodils pop up knowing it’s all going to hard freeze again next week. My upstate district is mostly farm country. Years like this, the farmers take a beating. Not to mention the global ominousness. So, I’ve kind of been side-eying people who keep saying, “Enjoy the gorgeous weather!”

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“If, Then” by Kimberly Kruge (poetry, ’15)

A poem by Kimberly Kruge (poetry, ’15) appears in the Spring 2017 issue of Ploughshares:

Read Kimberly’s poem here:  If, Then

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“Tell Me a Story About Lions” by Abby Horowitz (fiction, ’15) — Runner Up, The Black Warrior Review’s 2016 Fiction Contest

“Tell Me a Story About Lions,” a story by Abby Horowitz (fiction, ’15) is Runner Up for The Black Warrior Review’s 2016 Fiction Contest.

Congratulations, Abby!


Tell Me A Story About Lions

by Abby Horowitz


That as my body spilled out of itself, the boy was born, that he should have surfaced from the river of blood that poured out of me. A miracle, Lazar assured me. A miracle, that the boy survived.


Lazar slapping the steering wheel in delight as we finally left the hospital. A family of three! he said, Now and forever.

In the back, lying in the footwell beneath the boy’s car seat, was the fourth passenger, seen only to me—her ginger fur lighting up the car’s dark interior, the black tip of her tail pressed against the door handle, already searching for a way we might escape.  . . . continue reading here.

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“Searching for the Duck Hole,” by Emily Sinclair (fiction, ’14)

An essay by Emily Sinclair (fiction, ’14) appears in Colorado Review:



Emily Sinclair

Contact with My Mother, from Whom I Am Estranged

My mother started calling me about a year and a half ago. She is in her late eighties and suffers from cognitive decline, so she does not remember that we haven’t had a relationship for more than twenty-five years. Despite her memory struggles, she figured out my home number and leaves messages on it. The first one, transcribed to include her pauses, looks like poetry:

The message is for Emily Sinclair (she begins)
I want you to know
that you are the first person to know (. . . continue reading here.)

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