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Extended Famlies: A Memoir of India by Ven Begamudre (fiction, ’99) is available now for through Cocteau Books.


A collection of short stories, The Dark Dark by Samantha Hunt (fiction ’99) is available from Farrar, Straus & Giroux.


Lesley Valdes (poetry, ’15) has a poem, “At the corner store–” in The Boiler. 




Two poems by Dilruba Ahmed (poetry, 09) appear in Alaska Quarterly Review:



57 Octaves Below Middle C by Kevin McIlvoy is available now from Four Way Books.




The Hidden Machinery: Essays on Writing by Margot Livesey is available now from Tin House Books.

Nine Poems by Rose McLarney (poetry, ’10)

Nine Poems by Rose McLarney (poetry, ’10)

Nine poems from Rose McLarney (poetry, ’10) appear in Cold Mountain Review:

You Must Know Things by Their Moving Away

From leavings, you may learn the animals. Look for tracks
of bobcat in mud and dust. Droppings and, in them, details

of what fruit (the pits) or meat (the fur) was the fox’s feast.
Flattened places in front of the berry bushes where a bear stood,

reaching. Burrow into which a beaver bowed. Path into brush [. . . continue reading this poem and others here.]

“If You Cut Off Her Head, a Horse Comes Out” by Goldie Goldbloom (fiction, ’11)

“If You Cut Off Her Head, a Horse Comes Out” by Goldie Goldbloom (fiction, ’11)

A story from Goldie Goldbloom (fiction, ’11) appears in Cold Mountain Review:

Madison stepped out of the smoke, her long hair around her face in the roaring fore wind. The bushfire was still some distance away, but here, ahead of the flames, it was ten degrees hotter than it had been back at her farm. When she shut the truck door, the hot metal raised a line of blisters along her thumb.

“Porky!” she called. Then, quieter, “Dad?” [. . . continue reading here.

“Prologue” by Jude Whelchel (fiction, ’13)

“Prologue” by Jude Whelchel (fiction, ’13)

A prose poem by Jude Whelchel (fiction, ’13) is a finalist for the R.T. Smith Prize for Narrative Poetry and appears in Cold Mountain Review:

They tread me in waist-high, protective boots, bowing to Linnaeus, naming things binomially, wrapping wire tags etched in carbon, cutting plant flesh with razorblades. Magnolia virginiana. Gordonia lasianthus. Taxodium ascendens. Fingering cypress knees, their eyes follow my timberlines sun high, tongues tasting, noses cocked, sniffing, saliva on the chin. Pulling [. . . continue reading here.]