“After the Earthquake: Oral Histories on Life, Death & Survival in Port-au-Prince, Haiti” by Peter Orner

An essay by Peter Orner (fiction) appears in Guernica:

After the Earthquake: Oral Histories on Life, Death & Survival in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

by Peter Orner

Five years ago Dr. Evan Lyon, a physician who has worked in Haiti since 1996, and I began to conduct interviews with residents of the city of Port-au-Prince. We set out with considerable help from Laura Scott, Jean Pierre Marseille, Katie Kane, Doug Ford, and Edward Loiseau. The project started with a simple notion: What’s life like on the streets of Haiti’s largest city since the cataclysmic earthquake of January 12, 2010? There are number of good books about Haiti, but too many of them, it seemed to us, interpreted life in “the poorest country in the western hemisphere” through the lens of an outsider. We wanted to create a book that, so much as possible, might give a reader an unmitigated view of the struggle to survive–and endure–in, yes, one of the poorest but also, one of the most vibrant cities in our hemisphere.

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Community Digest (May 2017)

Faculty News & Publications

ω Michael Parker has a new book of stories, Everything, Then, and Since, forthcoming in June from Bull City Press. 






ω Robin Romm has edited a collection of essays, Double Bind: Women on Ambition, available from WW Norton. 






ω A story from David Haynes, “The Weight of Things,” appears in Issue 36 of Natural Bridge.


Alumni News & Publications

“Stolen Boy,” a story from Nancy J. Allen (fiction, ’12), is winner of the 2017 Short Story America Prize. Congratulations, Nancy!



ω Lindsay Remee Ahl (poetry, ’13), has a poem, “The Mother,” in the Spring 2017 issue of The Georgia Review. 





ω A collection of poems, Wild Water Childby Rose Auslander (poetry, ’15), won the 2016 Bass River Press Poetry Competition, and is now available for purchase through Amazon. Rose also has a poem, “Dead Moon, Brooklyn,” in Tupelo Quarterly




ω A collection of poems, The Dangling Houseby Maeve Kinkaid (poetry, ’08, is available now from Barrow Street.




ω An essay by Rick Bursky (poetry, ’03) appears online in The AGNI Blog.


ω Mike Puican (poetry, ’09) has poems appearing in two anthologies celebrating the 100th anniversary of Gwendolyn Brooks: The Golden Shovel Anthology: New Poems Honoring Gwendolyn Brooks available now through University of Arkansas Press, and Revise the Psalm: Work Celebrating the Writing of Gwendolyn Brooks, available for purchase from Curbside Splendor


ω Dilruba Ahmed (poetry, ’09), has two poems, “The Feast,” and “Choke,” in AGNI, Issue 85, 2017. 



ω “Vrbitza,” a poem by Aggie Zivaljevic (fiction, ’05), appeared in the Fall 2016 issue of The Literary Review (TLR)

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2017 Guggenheim Fellowships Awarded to Jennifer Grotz, Marisa Silver, Samantha Hunt, and Victoria Chang

Congratulations to the following members of the Warren Wilson College MFA Program for Writers community on winning 2017 Guggenheim Fellowships:


Jennifer Grotz (poetry)


Marisa Silver (fiction; fiction, ’96)



Samantha Hunt (fiction, ’99)


Victoria Chang (poetry, ’05)

Read individual profiles and press releases here.


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Quarterly Digest

Faculty News and Publications


Rodney Jones, Village Prodigies

♦ Faculty member Rodney Jones’ novel, Village Prodigies, is available now through Mariner Books.

Marianne Boruch, The Little Death of the Self: Nine Essays toward Poetry


The Little Death of the Self: Nine Essays toward Poetry, a collection of essays on poetry by Marianne Boruchis now available through University of Michigan Press.



Alumni News & Publications

Jenny Johnson, In Full Velvet


Jenny Johnson’s (poetry, ’11), debut collection of poems, In Full Velvet, is available now from Sarabande Books.


Nathan McClain, Scale

Scalethe debut collection from Nathan McClain (poetry, ’13), is available from Four Way Books.

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An Interview with Faculty Member Steven Schwartz

An interview with faculty member Steven Schwartz appears in The Rumpus:

The Rumpus: Your work, which it’s been a pure pleasure to read again, has a keen psychological insight to it that leaves me nodding my head, “Right… right… that’s just how a person might respond.” But at the same time, the stories are full of surprise. People may do things that make sense from a psychological perspective, but they don’t do or feel or say things that are expected. I am fascinated by the whole project of portraying psychologically logical behaviors while avoiding predictable ones. [… continue reading here.]

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An excerpt from The Thin Wall, a new collection of poems by Martha Rhodes

The following is a poem from The Thin Wall, a new collection of poems by faculty member Martha Rhodes.

(Click through to read entire poem).


It is the horse in her he fears,

her eyes, large and rolling,

the yellow crunch of her molars,

and her heavy foot aimed at him.

He hears her in the stall of night

approach, the other animals scatter,

as does the dry dirt of her path,

and the pebbles at his feet

as he moves aside, as if to invite her

to enter into the event horizon itself.

He sees all her parts stretch out,

a string speeding forward yet still,

next to him, suspended in the cessation

of time, the galloping fury of her finally

arrested so that now his sleep markedly

quiets enough for the shift of his breathing

to stir her. She licks his salty spine—

he is calm, now—pats his damp mane,


Wake little horsey.



“It is the horse in her he fears” is from The Thin Wall by Martha Rhodes, © 2017. Used by permission of the University of Pittsburgh Press.

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