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Alumni and Faculty from the Warren Wilson MFA Program for Writers are welcome to submit their publication news directly to the blog.


  1. Short excerpts from newly published poems, stories, and creative nonfiction (including journalism features) from alumni and faculty, ALWAYS linked to the full piece that appears on another website. The complete piece MUST be fully accessible on a DIRECT link and NOT be behind a paywall.
  2. Newly published interviews with alums or faculty or between alums and faculty (with the same criteria listed under #1).
  3. We immediately publish news about current alumni or faculty who have been awarded major national prizes.
  4. A “quarterly (or so) digest” published news of
  • All book-length publications
  • Poems, stories, and CNF not available on-line
  • Other recognitions, including regional or local prize awards and prizes
  1. When the authors of new books provide written permission from their publishers, we publish short excerpts. Under similar arrangements we have also published full stories or poems from print journals (but they have only provided such permission on one An author who wishes to have the work excerpted must seek and provide that permission; we do not have the staff to make such requests.)
  2. News about the MFA Program and about Friends of Writers, including special programs and opportunities for alums provided by FOW.


  1. Announcements about publication opportunities, conferences or retreats
  2. Announcements about new positions or promotions
  3. News about upcoming readings or events (that are not sponsored, in some way, by Friends of Writers or the program)
  4. Interviews by alums or faculty members with writers (or others) not affiliated with the program. (Exceptions have been made when the interview is with highly prominent writers.)
  5. Publicity, including press releases, articles written for or appearing on blogs or websites devoted to book promotion, and blurbs.


  1. Submissions from pre-2000 alums
  2. Appreciations written in memory of deceased alums


On the right margin menu of all pages of the FRIENDS OF WRITERS website, the first item is BLOG MENU. Click on the “Contribute to the FOW Blog” button to find the email address: Send submissions to that address.

The “quarterly digest” often only has four or five items. We always hold it until we have at least four items. If we receive more news, we will publish it more often.

Be aware that submissions that come in around the time of the residencies, when the blog staff is otherwise engaged, sometimes falls through the cracks. Please re-submit. A few writers have reported having trouble reaching us through the gmail account. You can also contact the blog through the MFA office.

Please send your contributions to:

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