Alumni Updates

Nan Cuba (fiction, ’89):  Nan’s personal essay, “Love, Memory,” was published in the February issue of Connotation Press.  Her story, “Watching Alice Watch,” appeared in the March issue of storySouth:

Watching Alice Watch

by Nan Cuba

From my upstairs bedroom window, I could look across two yards, through our neighbor’s sliding glass doors into their den. Since the Waverleys watched TV and ate meals there, my private view became a running movie of their lives.

Alice had been my friend and rival since we were babies. Even though she’d tried to steal my Psalm 23 bookmark while my head was bowed during the Sunday School teacher’s prayer, and three days before Christmas, she’d showed me her presents hidden in a coat closet, she said I was lucky to have a happy family, and her advice about boys was way better than a how-to manual...[Keep Reading]…

Nan’s novel, Body and Bread, will be published by Engine Books in May 2013.