Yes, you SHOULD Apply for the Levis

The Levis Prize deadline approaches. Here’s some encouragement to apply from two former winners:

“The Levis Prize served as valuable reinforcement at a critical moment. When I received word that Edward Hirsch had selected an excerpt from my manuscript-in-process, 

it gave me a tremendous boost towards completing the book. The prize money also funded a few more rounds of submissions at a time when I had just decided to leave 

my full-time job to focus on writing for a while– I was on the verge of retiring my first manuscript due to lack of funds, despite the fact that it had been a semi-finalist 

or finalist numerous times in the years prior to the award. That book ended up winning the Sexton Prize and will be out in 2020. I couldn’t be more grateful to 

Friends of Writers for that shot in the arm.”  

~ Ross White

“I was blown away when I got the call that I had won the Levis Stipend.  It was a terrific boost to my confidence to receive that tangible (and generous) form of feedback. That year we relocated from DC to Kansas City and so had all kinds of big, one-time expenses.  Without the Levis, I would not have been able to send out work (fees) nor been able to attend the Bread Loaf conference (expenses). And while the funds are extremely valuable, I want to be sure to also underscore the value I found in having my work singled out specifically within the Warren Wilson community—folks who I respect, admire, and look up to.” 
—Noah Stetzer

The Deadline is December 1. Apply Here: