2020 Digital Alumni Conference in the Works

I am pleased as punch to announce the 1st (and dear god, hopefully only) Annual Warren Wilson/Goddard Digital Alumni Conference, to take place wherever you are, from Friday, July 17th – Sunday, July 19th.

We are knee-deep in planning but are plotting to include as much of the usual fare as possible while also keeping our minds attuned to the possibility of digital fatigue (and time zone differences). The idea is that you would contribute a nominal donation (proceeds to FOW) for an all-access pass to the weekend’s festivities.

More concrete details + registration information and access by early June.

It will not enough, of course, but not enough is still more than nothing, is still a something in the space where we were to revel and reconnect. Negative capability, then, is the order of the day: we will be together apart.


Jen Funk