“Pandemic Funeral: A Duplex,” by Andy Young (Poetry ’11)

Andy Young, a 2011 poetry graduate, recently had a cycle of poems featured in Ice Floe Press. Read an excerpt of one of the four poems, “Pandemic Funeral: A Duplex,” below:

Pandemic Funeral: A Duplex

The day my mother’s buried,
light throws itself against the earth.

Light throws itself against the earth,
a bird against a window.

Like birds in a window,
my family’s in the screen.

My family inside a screen
for her Facebook funeral.

In a Facebook funeral,
siblings sit a pew apart.

All my siblings pulled apart.
My father’s masked and small.

My father, masked: a small
animal from this distance.

Read the entire poem cycle here: https://icefloepress.net/2020/11/19/four-poems-by-andy-young-w-3-paintings-by-moira-j-saucer/