“Broken Palette, All Yellow,” by Sarah Audsley (Poetry ’19)

2019 poetry alum Sarah Audsley was recently featured in the LEON Literary Review. Read an excerpt of “Broken Palette, All Yellow” below:

Broken Palette, All Yellow

There is the field I imagine & then the field I step into.
This bright study is more or less self-explanatory. If the cave
painters knew viewers would wait in long lines, or that digital
representations would be gazed upon from the comfort
of sofas on tablets & devices, would they have amplified tones
of ochre, red & yellow? Or drawn the black lines thicker with a steadier hand?
Without society, without culture, there are no neatly outlined, named,
categorized colors; there are only infinite colorations forming an improbable
. Or made portraits of themselves instead of animals leaping
across stonewalls; or painted them pornographic to shock & excite?

Read this poem in its entirety here: http://leonliteraryreview.com/issue-10-sarah-audsley/