FOW Fundraiser! Alumni Conference Auction July 16


The Tiny & Intangible auction is back for another year! Once again, we’ll be raising money to benefit Friends of Writers.

Conference attendees can bid on “tiny things” (stuff) in a silent auction beginning July 13.

Anyone connected to the program (students, instructors, staff) can attend the live auction for “Intangible” things (getaways, services, etc.) will be auctioned live on Saturday, July 16 from 4:45 to 6:15 PDT.

The Hat Contest will also be returning, so be prepared with your virtual finery!

If you’re not attending the conference and would like a link to the auction, send an email to wallycampmfa at gmail [[email protected]]  by Friday, July 15. Put “Auction” in the subject line. Please include your real name, the year you graduated, and the genre you studied at Goddard or WWC (or other affiliation).