Two Poems by Tommye Blount

Two poems by Tommye Blount (poetry ’13) were recently published in Four Way Review. Read an excerpt of the poem, “Negro Under Glass” and find a link to the full text of both pieces below:

Negro Under Glass

The stream, the riverine ticker under the talking heads
on six o’clock news; the head looped
through the light’s noose; captured, an apprehension

in high definition; their latest high, their timely, their watch face
tick-tocking; an aped choreography, Miss In

Formation’s crazed dance gone viral; the plague of black
squares checkering photo grids; game for their boredom,
the disembodied voice boring through lips; the voice—whew,

Continue reading “Negro Under Glass” and find the full text of “Robe and Helmet Bag” here: Tommye Blount | Four Way Review