Singing Lessons: Poems by Kevin McIlvoy

Beloved faculty member Kevin “Mc” McIlvoy’s book of poetry, Singing Lessons, was released on April 23rd. Below, read the book’s first poem, “Rose– Blessed Art.”

Rose– Blessed Art

she among women – would not permit me to say “goddamn” – she said, “B Francis, people who talk that way go to hell for a longer stay,” something she learned from Mother Church so she told me over sixty years ago between rosaries meant to redeem me – If I wanted to push my luck I would say, Bobdammit! – or – I’ll be Bobdamned! which made her laugh (bitterly) since it confirmed we had nothing we could agree upon, nothing unholy upon which we couldn’t agree – my father who said “Goddamn!” whenever he pleased was later than my mother in becoming a poem, but after illness, brief wellness and terribler illness, he did became one, by which I mean a man who found his tune his time his riddling form –