Friends of Writers Summer 2024 Community Digest: New Books

Many in the Friends of Writers network saw their efforts realized in the first half of 2024 with new book publications. Congratulations to those listed below. While celebrating these wonderful projects, be sure to check out our digest of awards, literary magazine publications, and other celebrations.

Gabriel Blackwell (fiction ’09)

Gabriel Blackwell’s essay collection, Comment Section, was independently published in February.

Laure-Anne Bosselaar (poetry ’94)

Laure-Anne Bosselaar’s poetry collection, Lately: New & Selected Poems, was published by Sungold in January.

Karen Brennan (faculty, alumn ’79)

Karen Brennan’s short story collection, Rabbit in the Moon: The Mexico Stories, was published by Schaffner in May.

Mary Lou Buschi (poetry ’04)

Mary Lou Buschi’s poetry collection, Blue Physics, was published by Lily Poetry Review Press in February.

Shannon Castleton (poetry ’17)

Shannon Castleton’s novel, Drinker of Ink, was independently published in January.

Victoria Chang (poetry ’05)

Victoria Chang’s poetry collection, With My Back to the World, was published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux in April.

Margaret Draft (poetry ’16)

Margaret Draft’s poetry collection, Nowhere Was a Lake, was published by Four Way Books in March.

Julia Nunnally Duncan (poetry ’84)

Julia Nunnally Duncan’s poetry collection, When Time Was Suspended, was published by Redhawk Publications in March.

Justin Gardiner (poetry ’08)

Justin Gardiner’s poetry collection, Small Altars, was published by University of Chicago Press in April.

Faith Holsaert (fiction ’82)

Faith Holsaert’s memoir, Ma Lineal: A Memoir of Race, Activism, and Queer Family, was published by Wayne State University Press in January.

Dan Leach (fiction ’20)

Dan Leach’s poetry collection, Stray Latitudes, was published by Texas Review Press in January.

Amy Lin (fiction ’17)

Amy Lin’s memoir, Here After, was published by Zibby Books in March.

Kevin “Mc” McIlvoy

Kevin “Mc” McIlvoy’s poetry collection, Singing Lessons, was published by Press 53 in April.

Rose McLarney (poetry ’10)

Rose McLarney’s poetry collection, Colorfast, was published by Penguin books in March.

Juli Min (fiction ’22)

Juli Min’s novel, Shanghailanders, was published by Spiegel & Grau in May.

Laura Newbern (poetry ’94)

Laura Newbern’s poetry collection, A Night in the Country, was published by Changes in March.

Amanda Newell (poetry ’17)

Amanda Newell’s poetry collection, Postmortem Say, was published by Cervena Barva Press in March.

Susan Okie (poetry ’14)

Susan Okie’s poetry collection, Woman at the Crossing, was published by Off the Grid Press in October 2023.

Cynthia Reeves (fiction ’06)

Cynthia Reeves’s novel in stories, Falling Through the New World, was published by Gold Wake Press in February.

Amanda Shaw (poetry ’20)

Amanda Shaw’s collection of poems, It Will Have Been So Beautiful, was published by Lily Poetry Review in March.

Boyce Upholt (fiction ’16)

Boyce Upholt’s work of non-fiction, The Great River: The Making and Unmaking of the Mississippi, was published by W. W. Norton in June.

David Wroblewski (fiction ’98)

David Wroblewski’s novel, Familiaris, was published by Blackstone in June.

Paula Yoo (fiction ’02)

Paula Yoo’s work of YA non-fiction, Rising from the Ashes: Los Angeles, 1992., was published by Norton Young Readers in May.

Jim Zervanos (fiction ’04)

Jim Zervanos’s memoir, Your Story Starts Here: A Year on the Brink with Generation Z, was published by Vine Leaves in March.

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