The Ellen Bryant Voigt Scholarship

In January of 2016, a new Friends of Writers Scholarship, initiated by current students in the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson, was announced in Swannanoa at the Graduation banquet—along with news of a substantial contribution by the graduating class.  The Scholarship is needs-based, like all FOW scholarships, and supports an extra semester of graduate study, giving recipients a strong start toward a book-length manuscript.serious momentum.

A Short History

In the fall of 2015 Ellen Bryant Voigt—poet, teacher and founder of the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College—received a prestigious MacArthur Fellowship. When current students heard the news, they began brainstorming a way to celebrate Ellen and to honor what she has done for poetry, for graduate writing education, and for this inimitable Warren Wilson community. Their idea? Create a scholarship in her name.

Ellen and the FOW board approved the idea. Ellen wrote: “The MacArthur Fellowship was such a lucky lucky thing—providential, actually, especially in the timing of it—I never thought my gratitude and joy could be further amplified. But I was wrong. This effort, initiated by current students in the Program, students with busy lives and all sorts of impediments to doing their important work, moves me profoundly. I will be proud to have an endowed scholarship bearing my name.”