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Below is a list of more than 40 offerings by faculty and alumni of the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson during the AWP Conference, Thursday, February 21-Saturday, March 1. For a complete schedule, visit the Association of Writers and Writing Programs website.


THURSDAY, February 27

 9:00 a.m.—10:15 a.m.

R128. The Poet, the Scholar, and the Critic.

(David Baker, Kimberly Blaeser, Troy Jollimore, Julie Carr, Dean Rader)

Room 302, Western New England MFA Annex, Level 3

The relationship of poetry to criticism and scholarship is unique among literary genres. It is codependent, vexed, necessary, and contradictory, and it has become a central issue in today’s literary world. How does one form of expression enable, ignore, or impair the other? What intellectual, artistic, and professional issues arise in and out of the academy? Does writing about poetry have the same social function as poetry itself? In 2014, what is at stake to be a poet/critic or a poet/scholar?

12:00 noon—1:15 p.m.

R163. Grub Street National Book Prizewinners Reading

(Rick Barot, Christopher Castellani, Ellen Cassedy, Sheri Joseph, Reiko Rizzuto)

Willow Room, Sheraton Seattle, 2nd Floor

This reading features a diverse and dynamic cross-section of authors who have won Grub Street’s prestigious National Book Prize in Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry. Literary merit is the top criterion for this prize, which celebrates a variety of styles, influences, and genres and is the only significant award designed for non-debut writers from outside New England.

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