“Praise Dave” by Glenis Redmond

A poem by alumna Glenis Redmond (poetry, ’11) appears at Drunken Boat:

First time I see a jar rise up,
I be midwifed into life.

Understood how these pots and I be kin
— dismissed to what’s under foot.

I learned to turn and turn —
people the world with pots.

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The Frank and Ida D’Amico Scholarship

photo (13)Thanks to the generosity of 2013 fiction alumna Lynette D’Amico, Friends of Writers is proud to announce a new scholarship opportunity for Warren Wilson MFA students: the Frank and Ida D’Amico Scholarship, which will support room and board and other residency fees for need-based students, with priority given to students age 50 or older. “School (and food) were priorities in my family, and I can think of no better way to honor the memory of my parents, than with a scholarship in their names to commemorate their generosity of heart and table,” says D’Amico. “As I benefited so much from the generosity of others during my time at Warren Wilson, I think the prospect of helping students would make Frank and Ida happy. This scholarship is also a reminder of how much they were loved.”

The Frank and Ida D’Amico Scholarship will join the Barnhardt Family Fund, established by the family of faculty member Wilton Barnhardt, and the new Holden Opportunity Grants for students of color, as sources of support to cover residency costs for eligible students.

The first D’Amico Scholarship will be awarded in July 2015. Friends of Writers and the MFA Program at Warren Wilson are deeply grateful for this new source of support.

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Roger Reeves Wins Zacharis Award

roger_rFriends of Writers would like to congratulate faculty member Roger Reeves on receiving the Zacharis Award. More information can be found here.

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“Seeing Sky” by Christine Hale

A nonfiction piece by alumna Christine Hale (fiction, ’96) appears at Watershed Review:

The sky, my Buddhist teacher says.

Those two words, no more. Her shoulders and the up-thrust of her chin provide the verb, her gaze the preposition. The pain she lives with and never mentions—a hip damaged decades ago in a break-neck horseback escape from a Chinese prison—supplies caught-breath emphasis.

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Three Stories by Leslie Blanco

Three stories by alumna Leslie Blanco (fiction, ’07) appear at Pank Magazine:

Divorce for Cuban Dummies

Once—very seriously—Sylvia considered that predictable thing: smashing the windows of his car. He’d refused all her offers of settlement, refused to get a lawyer, asked for half of her frequent flyer miles, lied to the mediator’s face, called her lawyer just to run up her bills. By then all she wanted was out, but still—two years later—he refused to sign the last piece of paper, said he’d re-open the mediation to investigate her finances. Her finances! Pennies between the couch cushions. Stipends spent before they came in. Student loan contracts piling up like promesas to San Lazaro.

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