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FOW Board Member Geoff Kronik and MFA Program Director Deb Allbery at the Soiree for Scholarships

“Christmas Break, 1997” by Ben Jackson

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A poem by alum Ben Jackson (poetry, ’06) appears at The Collagist:

If I try to remember Mom, her diet
of floating ice, crisp torso then
the thigh’s hone, face slanted to hardwood
as to the sharpening block, all I see
are the girls surrounding her, whispering
or wailing, I couldn’t tell which.

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Robert Thomas Wins 2015 PEN Center USA Literary Award

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Congratulations to Robert Thomas (poetry, ’02) on winning the 2015 PEN Center USA Literary Award for Fiction for his novel Bridge.

From the award ceremony program:

“In Bridge, Robert Thomas constructs, with urgency and crackling, unrelenting energy, a story told with the contradictory self-doubt and wild self-awareness of a bright, sardonic, and potentially self-destructive young woman. Even as we appreciate her tenuous existential dilemma, Alice’s vivid internal construction of an overwhelming worldview in short diaristic episodes seems, in its very creation, to keep her alive. Considering how easily readers might have felt claustrophobic within, or limited by Alice’s point of view—interior, unraveling—it is singularly impressive that Thomas manages—through the beauty of his prose, sophistication of his references, and propulsive energy of Alice’s mind—to connect the reader, and the narrator’s struggle, with the outside world. Although Alice’s beautiful and dangerous estrangement is entirely and selfishly her own, it becomes ours, and teaches us something larger and universal. This novel is an experiential wonder, giddy and joyful reading via the desperate empathy it both demands and models. The digressive, perfectly choreographed role of docent to everyday madness, as played by our heroine, is a brave pleasure in word and sentence, a totally pleasing combination of narrator and authorial, artistic self-control, and vividly evocative self-consciousness.”

Judges’ Statement of Cynthia Sweeney, Melanie Thorne, and Andrew Tonkovich, 2015 PEN Center USA Literary Award for Fiction

A. Van Jordan Wins the 2015 Lannan Literary Award for Poetry

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van-jordan-articleFriends of Writers congratulates faculty member A. Van Jordan on winning the 2015 Lannan Literary Award for Poetry.

An Excerpt from “Between You and Me” By Scott Nadelson

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An excerpt from alum Scott Nadelson’s (fiction, ’11) novel “Between You and Me” appears at The Collagist:

If the woman weren’t blocking his way, he doubted he would have noticed her legs. Given an open path he would have bolted past without a glance. As it was, his eyes were fixed on them, in black nylons, dark over her calves, sheer where they stretched over the first flare of her thighs, more so, he imagined, the higher they rose under her skirt. She walked the way models did down a runway, heel to toe, but she did so lazily, with no urgency, weaving gently through the crowded terminal, unaware, it seemed, of people streaming past in either direction. She wasn’t as tall as a model, or as thin, and when he allowed his eyes to rise above her waist, he saw that her posture was slouched, her neck squat, brown hair dull despite a fashionable cut, sheared high in back and molded into points on either cheek. Still, her face in profile had a casual austerity he found appealing, her jawline prominent, chin protruding just slightly past her lips, which were full and gently parted. Her nose, slightly upturned, he could live with.

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“Thoughts on Finishing” by Lauren Alwan

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An essay by alum Lauren Alwan (fiction, ’08) appears at The Northwest Review of Books:

Most days there are at least fifteen documents open on my laptop. These consist of works in various stages, some newly drafted or in mid-revision, and others that seem close, but remain suspended in a state of near-completion. Generally, the newer works get the attention while the nearly finished are deferred. I have difficulty with that final phase, when the questions narrow and the focus tightens, and as a result, I tend to temporize. This includes looking for answers outside the work—trolling online articles or revisiting well-loved books and essays—though this is nothing more than distraction disguised as research. Yet I do it all the same, squandering time and energy while the work remains undone. “A story can rot,” Jane Hamilton says, and the state of the drop-down list is a stark reminder of how precarious finishing can be. – See more at:

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“Days of Awe” by Abigail Wender

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A poem by alum Abigail Wender (poetry, ’08) appears at The Cortland Review:

Give me dice, sticks, stones, knucklebones,
read the dog’s liver, bird’s flight.
If I choose a god to worship,
if I pin a white flag in my lapel,
will I find him pocketing my last twenty?

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“Water at Night” by Marianne Boruch

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A poem by faculty member Marianne Boruch appears at The Poetry Foundation:

Not that I understand things.
Angels don’t walk toward the ship, old engraving
where moon throws
a river of light, how angels would walk the ocean
if they wanted to walk.

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“The Night Where You No Longer Live” by Meghan O’Rourke

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A poem by alum Meghan O’Rourke (poetry, ’05) appears at The Poetry Foundation:

Was it like lifting a veil
And was the grass treacherous, the green grass
Did you think of your own mother
Was it like a virus
Did the software flicker

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Three Poems by Monica Youn

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Three poems by faculty member Monica Youn appear at Lana Turner:


What is your face?
                A house, of sorts.

What is your foot?
               A chipped stone blade.

What did you dream?
               A rain-washed road.

What did it mean?
               It meant nothing.

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A Pair of Interviews with Jeremy Gavron

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Faculty member Jeremy Gavron has been interviewed by both The Guardian and BBC Radio 4 about his new book A Woman on the Edge of Time. You can read the Guardian interview here (as well as read an excerpt from the book here). The BBC Radio 4 interview is streaming here.

A Woman on the Edge of Time is now available in the UK and will be released in the US in September 2016.