Somayeh Shams (fiction, ’14) interviews Noah Stetzer (poetry, ’14)

An interview of Noah Stetzer (poetry, ’14) by Somayeh Shams (fiction, ’14) appears in Nimrod International Journal:

Interview with Noah Stetzer, Nimrod Contributor

by Somayeh Shams

Somayeh Shams: Noah, you have recently published a beautiful chapbook entitled Because I Can See Needing A Knife. In each poem you write about living with AIDS, its consequences on the body, and how it changes one’s relationship to the body. The book is also about love and family, which turn out often to be the lifelines of your poems. Tell us a little about the process that shaped this chapbook.

Noah Stetzer: Thank you for such kind praise. This book would not have been possible without the great people of Red Bird Chapbooks, especially Eric Hove and Sarah Hayes. At the time these poems were being drafted I was immersing myself in any information I could find about HIV in general and my diagnosis specifically. I was seeing doctors about every nine weeks and so my own body was very much a front and center topic—one that you can see reflected, I think, in the book.

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Attention Alums! Conference Registration is Open

Find everything you need to know on the Friends of Writers Website through this link: 2017 ALUMNI CONFERENCE



  • May 13: Deadline for scholarship requests.
  • MAY 20: Final day (post-marked) to register with deposit. All registrations after this date must pay in full at time of registration.
  • JUNE 3: Registration closes for full- and short-stay. Remaining balances due.
  • JUNE 10: Late balances (plus $100 late fee) for short- and full-stay participants payable only by credit card.
  • JUNE 12: Deposits forfeited if balance unpaid by June 1 (postmark) or June 10 (credit card).
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“Dr. Hunt” by Susan Sterling (fiction, ’92)

An essay by Susan Sterling (fiction, ’92) appears in Witness:


Dr. Hunt

It’s already mid-summer when I notice the sign just inside the main entrance to the nursing home. Hanging on the wall next to a telephone, it gives instructions for what to do in case of fire or medical emergency, and then, mysteriously, a third contingency:

For an Elopement
Attention Staff
Doctor Hunt, room (indicate the room of the missing resident)
Repeat 3 times

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“Sea Level”, “Mexicali” and “Risen Again” by Jenn Ghivan (poetry, ’15)

Three poems by Jenn Ghivan (poetry, ’15) appear in The Offing:


Sea Level

I’ve lost most names for things from girlhood
early womanhood   can’t name the mother
of the man I used to sleep with   in her house
she made us nopales   prickly pear   scraped
the sticky cactus innards into a pan
made Spanish rice & fried beans   & his father

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“A Portion of the Body” by Ian Wilson (poetry, ’02; fiction ’16)

A poem by Ian Wilson (poetry, ’02; fiction ’16) appears in Leaping Clear:

A Portion of the Body

The gods, at their least generous,
command all houses
to leave the earth and man
to walk upon the verge
no more. Drowned
in some places.
Burned in others.

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