Four Poems by Martha Rhodes

Four poems by faculty member Martha Rhodes appear at Waxwing:

First Summer Day Along the Merrimack River

It Is the Horse

Since Morning


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“My Jewish Feet” by Peggy Shinner

A piece by alumna Peggy Shinner (fiction, ’94) appears at Lilith:

I have, according to a dubious assemblage of pundits, propagandists, and pseudoscientists, Jewish feet. What I thought was familial is, in the eyes of some, tribal. My feet are flat. They turn out. In podiatric lingo, they pronate. Pes planus, in medspeak and Latin. Liopothes, or “people with smooth feet,” wrote Greek physician Galen, who was the first to describe flat feet in the medical literature.

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“Sunrise” by Michael Collins

A poem by alumnus Michael Collins (poetry, ’03) appears at Lime Hawk:


Hazes of tiny bugs       nebula around            me.  Alone by the water

so early.  Still              as I have seen it. Small        birds skittering around

the marsh land only               on the small islands                abandoned

by low tide                  for fear of                   disturbing this picture


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Achy Obejas Receives Fellowship

1412797112082Alumna Achy Obejas (fiction, ’93) has been named a USA Ford Fellow in Literature. More information can be found online.

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“The Dark Face in the Window” by Leslie Contreras Schwartz

A personal essay entitled “The Dark Face in the Window” by alumna Leslie Contreras Schwartz (poetry, ’11) appears at the Houston Chronicle:

For the three months I lay in a hospital bed, I was surrounded by hands. I was at the Women’s Hospital of Texas for a pregnancy that involved preterm contractions and a baby’s faltering heartbeat. There was my hand under my head, growing numb and uncomfortable. There were hands of nurses, plunging needles of hormones into my arms, pricking my fingers for blood, moving my legs and arms, strapping my pregnant stomach with monitors. Doctors’ hands, searching for the baby’s heartbeat with a stethoscope. Hands quickly and with efficiency examining the tenderness of my cervix to determine my readiness to deliver.

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