The funds raised by Friends of Writers provide scholarships and grants to graduate MFA students.  Please help Friends continue to offer this much needed support by contributing to our spring fundraising campaign.

Read this important message from Friends of Writers Founder and Board Chair, Ellen Bryant Voigt:  The 2017 Spring Campaign

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Attention Alums: Conference Registration Deadline Approaches!

A reminder that the deadline for registering for the Annual Alumni Writing Conference is next Saturday, June 3. Prices and information can be found at Don’t delay; it could be the most rewarding week of your summer!
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“After the Earthquake: Oral Histories on Life, Death & Survival in Port-au-Prince, Haiti” by Peter Orner

An essay by Peter Orner (fiction) appears in Guernica:

After the Earthquake: Oral Histories on Life, Death & Survival in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

by Peter Orner

Five years ago Dr. Evan Lyon, a physician who has worked in Haiti since 1996, and I began to conduct interviews with residents of the city of Port-au-Prince. We set out with considerable help from Laura Scott, Jean Pierre Marseille, Katie Kane, Doug Ford, and Edward Loiseau. The project started with a simple notion: What’s life like on the streets of Haiti’s largest city since the cataclysmic earthquake of January 12, 2010? There are number of good books about Haiti, but too many of them, it seemed to us, interpreted life in “the poorest country in the western hemisphere” through the lens of an outsider. We wanted to create a book that, so much as possible, might give a reader an unmitigated view of the struggle to survive–and endure–in, yes, one of the poorest but also, one of the most vibrant cities in our hemisphere.

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“Now Blown Apart Hit Record” by Matt Hart (poetry, ’02)



I look through the living room

window and gush      Or

I look through the blotchy

black canopies of trees

I wonder if I have anything

to say about an apple


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“Summer Day” by Daye Phillippo (poetry, ’14)

A poem from Daye Phillippo (poetry, ’14) appears in Literary Mama:

Summer Day

or John

When he refused to be born, when he stayed
curled and warm and huge inside, they
sent me from the hospital, said Go home and rest,
but I weeded the parched garden instead.
After a time, the boy’s father stepped outside,
suggested I might come in out of July’s brass
heat for a glass of water, at least, but I glared

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