Two Poems by Kathy Alma Peterson

Two poems by alum Kathy Alma Peterson (poetry, ’07) appear at IthacaLit:

Sleight with Homage to Linen

Without ransack a theft can go undetected
for months       even years may pass before

trained eyes miss the heirloom watch      hands
(arms, really) frozen at the moment it was lifted

(taken from the bureau where it was to be for life)

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Lia Greenwell Awarded the 2015-16 Joan Beebe Fellowship

Congratulations to Lia Greenwell (poetry, ’13), who will be the 2015-16 Joan Beebe Fellow at Warren Wilson College.LG Crop

The recipient of scholarships from the Rona Jaffe Foundation and the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, Lia Greenwell has recently contributed poems to Painted Bride Quarterly, Witness, and Poecology. Originally from the Midwest, she currently lives in New York City, where she has worked as a Writing Mentor with the organization Girls Write Now.

Instituted in 1997, the Beebe is one-year teaching fellowship at WWC, open only to alumni of the MFA Program for Writers. The Beebe Fellow teaches five courses in the undergraduate creative writing program, supervises the group of undergraduates who attend the January MFA residency, assists with the undergraduate literary magazine, and generally takes part in the life of the College. Application guidelines are posted on the program website and on the Friends of Writers blog each September for the next academic year’s fellowship.

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July 2015 Faculty Announcement

The MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College is delighted to announce its July 2015 faculty:

Debra Allbery (Director)
Charles Baxter
Robert Boswell
Lan Samantha Chang
Stephen Dobyns
Daisy Fried
Lauren Groff
Brooks Haxton
David Haynes
Caitlin Horrocks
Rodney Jones
A. Van Jordan
James Longenbach
Heather McHugh
Kevin McIlvoy
Maurice Manning
Alan Shapiro
Joan Silber
Debra Spark
Sarah Stone
Peter Turchi
Ellen Bryant Voigt
Monica Youn
C. Dale Young

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“A Jury of Her Peers” by Erin Stalcup

A story by alum Erin Stalcup (fiction, ’04) appears at Monkeybicycle:

Possibly many of you have done the thing this person is charged with. If we, the court, knew it, you would be on trial. We’re seeking to see today if you can be an impartial judge of this person who is accused of not loving her neighbors as she loved herself.

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[INT: Elster’s Office (DAY)] by Gabriel Blackwell

A piece by alum Gabriel Blackwell (fiction, ’09) appears at The Fanzine:

Tom Helmore, the English actor who plays Gavin Elster in Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, had been in two previous Hitchcock movies, 1927′s The Ring and 1936′s Secret Agent. He appears in the credits for neither one.

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