We are organizing panel discussions for the 40th Anniversary celebration on June 28th.

On the docket are two morning panels of alumni and faculty supervisors and an afternoon panel with alums alone. These talks will highlight the rich and essential correspondence between student and supervisor that enabled each of us to grow as writers.

We hope you’ll want to share something you valued in the back and forth with any of your supervisors. This might be a moment when a craft element began to make sense and enrich your work.  You might want to talk about a humorous moment of self-reflection, or an aspect of your relationship with your supervisor that allowed you to break through to a new understanding. You might want to talk about a moment of frustration that later bore fruit.

We do hope you’ll share some of your wisdom with your colleagues. Please send to us at ww.mfa.alumevent@gmail.com a short proposal along with a selection of the correspondence you’d like to present at the event. We need your material by May 1.

Thanks so much, and looking forward to reading your selections,

Maeve Kinkead ’08 and Abby Wender ‘08

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