Five stories by Karen Brennan

Five short stories by faculty member Karen Brennan appear at Four Way Review:


A man told me there was nothing he would rather keep noticing—and he pointed to the spaces between palm fronds, chinks of turquoise and a few clouds. Just now, into this recollection, wanders an egg on a green dish.

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40th Anniversary Presentation Proposals!



40th Anniversary Coming Up!


We are organizing panel discussions for the 40th Anniversary celebration on June 28th. On the docket are two morning panels of alumni and faculty supervisors and an afternoon panel with alums alone.

We hope you’ll want to share something you valued in the back and forth with any of your supervisors. This might be a moment when a craft element began to make sense and enrich your work.  You might want to talk about a humorous moment of self-reflection, or an aspect of your relationship with your supervisor that allowed you to break through to a new understanding. You might want to talk about  a moment of frustration that later bore fruit.

We do hope you’ll share some of your wisdom with your colleagues. Please send a short proposal to us at .

We need your material by May 15th.

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Three poems by Carrie Mar

Three poems by alum Carrie Mar (poetry, ’13) appear at Four Way Review:


it lay there, flopping, fish-out-of-water
and my heart trembled on the curb
the usual fisherman’s tales

a woman onlooker upset, that’s animal cruelty
flapping in air, fingers hooked
to its spiracles as its mouth gaped and shut

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Five Poems by Rachel Brownson

Five poems by alum Rachel Brownson (poetry, ’14) appear at Four Way Review:


The slow mineral seep and drip
of groundwater, finding each crevice,
the cold spreading, downward—

the imagined weight of her breast,
spreading to fill my hand
(still and folded in my pocket)—

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Audio poems and Q-and-As with Matthew Olzmann

Olzmann-webAlum and faculty member Matthew Olzmann (poetry, ’09) has recorded four poems and two Q-and-As as part of Fishouse‘s audio archive of emerging poets:

Nate Brown is Looking for a Moose

Shrouded in fog, dignified and reticent: a moose.
When Ross White goes outside in Vermont,
he sees one immediately.

When Jamaal May goes outside, he sees one as well.
As if they are everywhere.

But when Nate Brown goes outside, he sees
only the absence of a moose, spaces
where one might have stood but no longer stands.

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