While not the primary intent of this announcement, it does not seem right to post without acknowledging the grief of the current moment.  As writers, our work is bound up with attention, articulation, and ideally, empathy, and wherever you are, I hope you are finding connection and resolve.  

Registration for The 2020 Virtual Alumni Conference: 
Link to Register:


 – If you intend to participate in the conference in any fashion (be in a workshop, offer a class, give a reading), you must register by JUNE 20TH.    

– For all those who’d like to attend in an observational role, please register by JUNE 26th.  


In lieu of a fee that would cover your room and board, we are asking that you complete your registration with a donation to Friends of Writers.  In the past, alumni have raised funds for the Friends of Writers scholarship program through an auction held at the conference. Instead of an auction, the registration fees collected for this year’s virtual conference will be used as scholarship revenue.

Online payments will be made through PayPal.  Making a payment requires an account and so you’ll need to use or create one to make your registration donation.  The form allows you to write in how much you’d like to give, and while we ask that you give a minimum of 5.00 dollars, if you are willing and able to give more—10, 20, 50, etc.—it is greatly appreciated goes directly to the support of students attending the program. 

All of this information is reiterated on the registration form, but please feel free to email me directly with question or concerns, and I will do my level best to get back to you as soon as possible: [email protected]