Registration is Open for the 2022 Wally Conference

The time has come! Registration for the July 2022 Wally Camp is OPEN! If you didn’t receive an email with the link, contact [email protected]
Wally Camp begins Wednesday, July 13 with some social time, then a reading, and then porch! Classes and readings happen on Thursday and Friday, then we add workshops and bookshops on Saturday and Sunday. Chock-a-block!
Registration closes on June 3, so you have time to arrange your whole life around the conference. Workshops, readings, the porch – everything but ducks and the dance.
Of course, don’t be afraid to register sooner – just be sure to get those i’s crossed and t’s dotted.
Last year’s website is still up if you want to review what happens at a virtual Wally Conference (that can be shared publicly).
Information about and solicitations for the auction will come later in a separate email. In the meantime, start concocting those donations! We were amazed last year at the creativity and generosity alumni showed in supporting Friends of Writers scholarships through their donations.
Oh yeah, and please don’t share links with non-Wallys. We’re not being precious, we just don’t want to get Zoom bombed.
Just so you know, here are the IMPORTANT DATES:
  • June 3 – Registration CLOSES
  • June 10 – Workshop groups, classes, & reading schedule emailed to registrants and posted on Wally Camp website
  • June 13 – Workshop drafts due to group members (or as decided by groups)
  • July 6 – Class materials due (send to [email protected])
  • Wed, July 13 – Sunday, July 17 – Virtual Wally Camp! (A Zoom link will be sent two days before.)
Can’t wait to see you!
David Ruekberg
Alison Moore
Jennifer Leah Büchi
2022 Wally Camp Hosts
Warren Wilson/Goddard MFA Alumni Conference